A Novel 3-Dimensional Approach for Cardiac Regeneration

Munarin, Fabiola ;   Coulombe, Kareen

Tags Patterened 3D scaffoldsNature-inspired materials

Ischemic heart diseases, such as coronary artery disease and microvascular disease, are cardiovascular pathologies that cause reduced blood...

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Bioengineered Cell-Instructive 3D Matrices as Vehicles for Cellular Therapies

Barrias, Cristina C

Tags Cell specific deliveryNature-inspired materialsPeptide and protein functionalization of biomaterials

The delivery of cells, namely of stem cells, from biomaterial-based vehicles has been used to promote and accelerate functional tissue...

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Biofabrication for Regenerative Medicine

Moroni, Lorenzo

Tags BiofabricationGradient biomaterialsRapid prototyping for scaffold fabrication

Despite our body develops and evolves since the very first embryological events in a three-dimensional (3D) environment, we are still...

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Biofunctionalization of Polymeric Surfaces

Mateos-Timoneda, Miguel Angel ;   Levato, Riccardo ;   Punet, Xavier ;   Cano, Irene ;   Castano, Oscar ;   Engel, Elisabeth

Tags Peptide and protein functionalization of biomaterialsSurface modification of biomaterialsMicro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineering

Most of the synthetic polymeric biomaterials used for biomedical applications lack of functional groups able to specifically instruct cells to...

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Biomimetic Hybrid Scaffolds for Osteo-Chondral Tissue Repair: Design and Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Placenta-Derived Cells (hPDC)

Farè, Silvia ;   Bertoldi, Serena ;   Meskinfam, Masoumeh ;   Spoldi, Valentina ;   Tanzi, Maria Cristina ;   Parolini, Ornella

Tags Fabrication of cell seeded scaffolds

A novel functionally-graded hybrid (FGHY) scaffold was designed and developed with a load-bearing structure represented by a PU foam loaded...

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Molecular Mechanisms Orchestrating the Stem Cell Response to Translational Scaffolds

Brown, Justin

Tags Functional biomaterialsMicro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringMechanical stimuli and mechanotransduction

A 2013 Perspective in Science titled “Deconstructing Dimensionality” noted the importance of fiber morphology on cell phenotype, concluding...

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