Communication Patterns for Interconnecting and Composing Medical Systems

Ranganath, Venkatesh-Prasad ;   Kim, Yu Jin ;   Hatcliff, John ;   Robby, FNU

Tags Design and developmentSafetyInnovation

This paper proposes a set of communication patterns to enable the construction of medical systems by composing devices and apps in...

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Dynamic DICOM Configuration in a Service-Oriented Medical Device Architecture

Schlamelcher, Jan ;   Onken, Michael ;   Eichelberg, Marco ;   Hein, Andreas

Tags Design and developmentInnovationSafety

A surgical intervention raises additional requirements to a medical device network, be it security concerns or the demand for just-in-time...

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New IEEE 11073 Standards for Interoperable, Networked Point-of-Care Medical Devices

Kasparick, Martin ;   Schlichting, Stefan ;   Golatowski, Frank ;   Timmermann, Dirk

Tags Device alarm, alert, and communication systemsSafety

Surgical procedures become more and more complex and the number of medical devices in an operating room (OR) increases continuously....

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Regulatory Science based Approach in Development of Novel Medical Devices

Sakuma, Ichiro

Tags SafetyProduct development processDesign and development

For development rational evaluation method for medical devices’ safety and efficacy, regulatory science studies are important. Studies on...

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Reporting Device Observations for Semantic Interoperability of Surgical Devices and Clinical Information Systems

Andersen, Björn ;   Ulrich, Hannes ;   Rehmann, Daniel ;   Kock, Ann-Kristin ;   Wrage, Jan-Hinrich ;   Ingenerf, Josef

Tags Device alarm, alert, and communication systems

Service-oriented medical device architectures make the progress from interdisciplinary research projects to international standardisation: A...

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Rule-Based Medical Device Adaptation for the Digital Operating Room

Franke, Stefan ;   Neumuth, Thomas

Tags Design and developmentInnovationClinical workflow analysis

A workflow-driven cooperative operating room needs to be established in order to successfully unburden the surgeon and the operating room...

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