Clustering of Capnogram Features to Track State Transitions during Procedural Sedation

Mieloszyk, Rebecca ;   Guo, Margaret ;   Verghese, George ;   Andolfatto, Gary ;   Heldt, Thomas ;   Krauss, Baruch

Tags Hypoxia and hypercapniaTime-frequency, time-scale analysis of respiratory variabilityRespiratory variability

Procedural sedation has allowed many painful interventions to be conducted outside the operating room. During such procedures, it is...

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Design and Characterization of a Measurement System for Monitoring Pressure Exerted by Bronchial Blockers: in Vitro Trials

Vallone, Niccolò ;   Pizzo, Cecilia Maria ;   Massaroni, Carlo ;   Saccomandi, Paola ;   Silvestri, Sergio ;   Carassiti, Massimiliano ;   Mattei, Alessia ;   Schena, Emiliano

Tags Intensive care unitCritical care - ventilationAirflow

Bronchial blockers (BBs) allow occluding the bronchial duct and collapsing the “dependent” lung in a number of thoracic surgery. The occlusion...

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EMG-Derived Respiration Signal using the Fixed Sample Entropy during an Inspiratory Load Protocol

Estrada, Luis ;   Torres, Abel ;   Sarlabous, Leonardo ;   Jané, Raimon

Tags Cardiovascular signal processing

Extracting clinical information from one single measurement represents a step forward in the assessment of the respiratory muscle function....

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Liquid Ventilator for Ultrafast Hypothermia Induction in Juvenile Lambs: Preliminary Results

Nadeau, Mathieu ;   Sage, Michaël ;   Kohlhauer, Matthias ;   Robert, Raymond ;   Vandamne, Jonathan ;   Mousseau, Julien ;   Tissier, Renaud ;   Praud, Jean-Paul ;   Walti, Hervé ;   Micheau, Philippe

Tags Critical care - ventilationCardiopulmonary resuscitation - in the ICU and EMT settingsPulmonary models

Total liquid ventilation (TLV) is an emerging mechanical ventilation technique. In this technique, the lungs are filled with liquid perfluorocarbons...

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Model-Based Estimation of Pulmonary Compliance and Resistance Parameters from Time-Based Capnography

Abid, Abubakar ;   Mieloszyk, Rebecca ;   Verghese, George ;   Krauss, Baruch ;   Heldt, Thomas

Tags Pulmonary modelsGas transport modelsCompartmental models

We propose a highly-simplified single-alveolus mechanistic model of lung mechanics and gas mixing that leads to an analytical solution for carbon...

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Wearable Lung-Health Monitoring System with Electrical Impedance Tomography

Hong, Sunjoo ;   Lee, Jaehyuk ;   Yoo, Hoi-Jun

Tags Pulmonary function testAirflowWork of breathing

The wearable lung-health monitoring system is proposed with an electrical impedance tomography (EIT). The proposed system has light belt-type...

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