Classification of Hand and Wrist Tasks of Unknown Force Levels using Muscle Synergies

Atoufi, Bahareh ;   Kamavuako, Ernest Nlandu ;   Hudgins, Bernard ;   Englehart, Kevin

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - ProsthesesRehabilitation - MusculoskeletalNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applications

Muscle synergies have been proposed as a way for the central nervous system (CNS) to simplify the generation of motor commands and they...

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Design and Preliminary Testing of the RIC Hybrid Knee Prosthesis

Lenzi, Tommaso ;   Sensinger, Jonathon W. ;   Lipsey, Jim ;   Hargrove, Levi ;   Kuiken, Todd

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - ProsthesesRehabilitation - LocomotionRehabilitation - Robotics

We present a novel hybrid knee prosthesis that uses a motor, transmission and control system only for active dynamics tasks, while relying on...

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Design of a Pulse-Triggered Four-Channel Functional Electrical Stimulator using Complementary Current Source and Time Division Multiplexing Output Method

Wang, Haipeng ;   Wang, Zhigong ;   Lü, Xiaoying ;   Huang, Zonghao ;   Zhou, Yuxuan

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - Neuromuscular stimulation

In this paper, a four-channel pulse-triggered functional electrical stimulator using complementary current source and time division output...

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Influence of Multiple Dynamic Factors on the Performance of Myoelectric Pattern Recognition

Khushaba, Rami N. ;   Ali, Ali Hussian ;   Kodagoda, Sarath

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - Prostheses

Hand motion classification using surface Electromyogram (EMG) signals has been widely studied for the control of powered prosthetics in...

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Nonlinear Mappings between Discrete and Simultaneous Motions to Decrease Training Burden of Simultaneous Pattern Recognition Myoelectric Control

Ingraham, Kimberly ;   Smith, Lauren ;   Simon, Ann ;   Hargrove, Levi

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - ProsthesesNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsRehabilitation

Real-time simultaneous pattern recognition (PR) control of multiple degrees of freedom (DOF) has been demonstrated using a set of parallel...

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Optimal Calibration of the Learning Rate in Closed-Loop Adaptive Brain-Machine Interfaces

Hsieh, Han-Lin ;   Shanechi, Maryam

Tags Motor neuroprosthesesBrain-computer/machine interface

Closed-loop decoder adaptation (CLDA) can improve brain-machine interface (BMI) performance. CLDA methods use batches of data to refit the...

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