2D Simulations based on General Time-Dependent Reciprocal Relation for LFEIT

Karadas, Mursel ;   Gençer, Nevzat

Tags Ultrasonic breast imagingElectrical impedance imaging techniques

Lorentz field electrical impedance tomography (LFEIT) is a newly proposed technique for imaging the conductivity of the tissues by measuring...

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3D Ultrasound Imaging Method to Assess the True Spinal Deformity

Vo, Quang N. ;   Lou, Edmond H. ;   Le, Lawrence H

Tags Image reconstruction - fast algorithmsImage reconstruction - performance evaluationImage visualization

Spinal deformity is a three-dimensional (3D) spinal disorder with a lateral deviation and coupled with axial vertebral rotation (AVR). The...

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Co-Located Haptic Interaction for Virtual USG Exploration

Ruffaldi, Emanuele ;   Brizzi, Filippo ;   Filippeschi, Alessandro ;   Avizzano, Carlo Alberto

Tags Ultrasonic cardiac imaging

Ultrasonography is a widespread diagnostic technique that can take advantage of virtual reality techniques for the purpose of training and...

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Compressed Sensing for High Frame Rate, High Resolution and High Contrast Ultrasound Imaging

Liu, Jing ;   He, Qiong ;   Luo, Jianwen

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imagingCompressive sensing/sampling

Compressed sensing (CS) or compressive sampling allows much lower sampling frequency than the Nyquist sampling frequency. In this paper, we...

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Evaluation of a Frequency-Domain Ultrasonic Imaging Attenuation Compensation Technique

Rouyer, Julien ;   Varray, François ;   Pozo Fortunic, Edmundo ;   Basset, Olivier ;   Cachard, Christian ;   Lavarello, Roberto

Tags High-frequency ultrasound technologyImage reconstruction - performance evaluation

Ultrasound attenuation is typically compensated for in clinical scanners by using time gain compensation (TGC). However, TGC operates in a...

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Using Rotation for Steerable Needle Detection in 3D Color-Doppler Ultrasound Images

Mignon, Paul ;   Poignet, Philippe ;   Troccaz, Jocelyne

Tags Doppler ultrasonic imagingImage segmentation

This paper demonstrates a new way to detect needles in 3D color-Doppler volumes of biological tissues. It uses rotation to generate...

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