A Machine Learning Methodology for Medical Imaging Anonymization

Monteiro, Eriksson ;   Costa, Carlos ;   Oliveira, José Luis

Tags Health information systemsData mining

Privacy protection is a major requirement for the complete success of EHR systems, becoming even more critical in collaborative scenarios,...

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A New Femtocaching File Placement Algorithm for Telemedicine

Leung, Warren Pak Tao ;   Shikh-Bahaei, Mohammad

Tags TelemedicineHealth information systemsLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiology

A new femtocaching file placement algorithm is designed for Telemedicine to improve transmission of medical scan images via wireless networks....

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A Semantically-Aided Architecture for a Web-Based Monitoring System for Carotid Atherosclerosis

Kolias, Vassileios ;   Stamou, Giorgos ;   Golemati, Spyretta ;   Stoitsis, John ;   Gkekas, Christos ;   Liapis, Christos ;   Nikita, Konstantina

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementHealth information system interoperabilityHealth information systems

Carotid atherosclerosis is a multifactorial disease and its clinical diagnosis depends on the evaluation of heterogeneous clinical data, such as...

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A Trust Assessment Mechanism for Ubiquitous Healthcare Environment Employing Cloud Theory

Athanasiou, Georgia ;   Fengou, Maria-Anna ;   Beis, Antonios ;   Lymberopoulos, Dimitrios

Tags TelemedicineHealth information systemsPersonal/consumer health informatics

Mental healthcare domain highlights the significance of trustworthiness between patient and psychiatrist for treatment process. In this paper,...

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CPDI: An Index for Measuring Deviations in Clinical Pathways

Zema, Maddalena ;   Rosati, Samanta ;   Duran Carvajal, Jonathan Eliecer ;   Balestra, Gabriella

Tags Health information systemsComputer-aided decision makingeHealth

Clinical Pathways (CPs) are evidence-based recommendation for treating a diagnosis and an effective instrument to decrease undesired...

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Development of Health Diagnostics based on Personalized Medical Models

Hudson, Donna L ;   Cohen, Maurice ;   Hudson, Samuel E

Tags Electronic health recordsPersonal health systemseHealth

Due to rapid evolution of new technologies the concept of personalized medicine has evolved. Components include molecular biology, proteomics,...

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Digital Patient: Personalized and Translational Data Management through the MyHealthAvatar EU Project

Kondylakis, Haridimos ;   Spanakis, Manolis ;   Sfakianakis, Stelios ;   Sakkalis, Vangelis ;   Tsiknakis, Manolis ;   Marias, Kostas ;   Xia, Zhao ;   Yu, Hong Qing ;   Dong, Feng

Tags Health information system interoperabilityPersonal health systemsHealth information systems

The advancements in healthcare practice have brought to the fore the need for flexible access to health-related information and created an...

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Electronic Health Record Application Support Service Enablers

Neofytou, Marios ;   Neokleous, Kleanthis ;   Aristodimou, Aristos ;   Constantinou, Ioannis ;   C. Antoniou, Zinonas ;   Schiza, Eirini ;   Pattichis, Constantinos ;   Schizas, Christos

Tags Health information systemsElectronic health recordsHealth information system interoperability

There is a huge need for open source software solutions in the healthcare domain, given the flexibility, interoperability and resource savings...

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Real-Time Medical Collaboration Services Over the Web

Andrikos, Christos ;   Rassias, Georgios ;   Tsanakas, Panayiotis ;   Maglogiannis, Ilias

Tags TelemedicineHealth information systemsEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

The gradual shift in modern medical practice, from working alone clinical doctors to MDTs (Multi-Disciplinary Teams), raises the need of online...

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Steganography in Arrhythmic Electrocardiogram Signal

S, Edward Jero ;   Ramu, Palaniappan ;   Ramakrishnan, Swaminathan

Tags Health information systems

Security and privacy of patient data is a vital requirement during exchange/storage of medical information over communication network....

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Technical Solutions for Mitigating Security Threats Caused by Health Professionals in Clinical Settings

Fernandez Aleman, Jose Luis ;   Sánchez García, Ana Belén ;   García-Mateos, Ginés ;   Toval, Ambrosio

Tags Health information systemsElectronic health records

The objective of this paper is to present a brief description of technical solutions for health information system security threats caused...

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