A Smart Pill for Drug Delivery with Sensing Capabilities

Goffredo, Rosa ;   Accoto, Dino ;   Santonico, Marco ;   Pennazza, Giorgio ;   Guglielmelli, Eugenio

Tags Design and developmentPhysiological monitoring devicesPersonalized therapeutic devices and emergency response systems

In this paper a novel system for local drug delivery is described. The actuation principle of the micropump used for drug delivery relies on...

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Active Induction of in Vivo Microbubbles by Acoustic Radiation Force at the Bifurcation of Blood Vessel and Its Evaluation

Masuda, Kohji ;   Koido, Jun ;   Miyazawa, Shinya ;   Wada, Hikaru ;   Hosaka, Naoto ;   Mochizuki, Takashi

Tags Therapeutic ultrasoundClinical engineeringTransdermal drug delivery

Alhough the development of drug delivery system using microbubbles and ultrasound is expected, because microbubbles diffuse in bloodstream,...

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Creating Eye Closure in Patients with Facial Nerve Paralysis using an Implantable Solenoid Actuator

Hasmat, Shaheen ;   Lovell, Nigel H. ;   Eviston, Timothy ;   Ekmejian, Rafael ;   Suaning, Gregg ;   Clark, Jonathan

Tags Prosthetic limbs, devices, and related appliances and aides

This paper proposes the use of an implantable solenoid actuator to create a more natural eyelid closure over current lid loading therapies in...

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Fabrication of SU-8 based Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer for Low Frequency Therapeutic Applications

Joseph, Jose ;   Singh, Shiv Govind ;   Vanjari, Siva Rama Krishna

Tags Therapeutic ultrasoundNeural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)HIFU

In this paper we present a simple post-CMOS compatible sacrificial release method of fabricating SU-8 based Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic...

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Feasibility Examination of Isolated Zonal Thrombolysis using Raman Spectroscopy

Qin, Zhen ;   Chon, Chi Hang ;   Lam, Alexander K.N. ;   Kwok, John C.K. ;   Yuen, Matthew M.F. ;   Lam, David C.C.

Tags StentsDesign and developmentSimulation, learning and training

Intravenous thrombolysis for the treatment of ischemic stroke requires long treatment time and high drug dosage which increases the risk of...

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In-Vitro Testing of RF-Enabled Low Force Mechanical Thrombectomy for Ischemic Stroke

Chon, Chi Hang ;   Qin, Zhen ;   Lam, Alexander K.N. ;   Kwok, John C.K. ;   Yuen, Matthew M.F. ;   Lam, David C.C.

Tags StentsInterstitial thermal therapyDesign and development

Mechanical thrombectomy for ischemic stroke has high recanalization rate, long treatment time window and low hemorrhage risk. However, the...

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