A Computer-Assisted Robotic Platform for Focused Ultrasound Surgery: Assessment of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Delivery

Cafarelli, Andrea ;   Mura, Marco ;   Diodato, Alessandro ;   Schiappacasse, Andrea ;   Santoro, Matteo ;   Ciuti, Gastone ;   Menciassi, Arianna

Tags HIFUTherapeutic ultrasound

In the last century, medicine showed considerable advancements in terms of new technologies, devices and diagnostic/therapeutic strategies....

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An RF Device for Effective Thermal Treatment of Atherosclerosis

Jiang, Chenwei ;   Zhang, Kangwei ;   Zhao, Shiqing ;   Zou, Jincheng ;   Zhang, Aili ;   Xu, Lisa Xuemin

Tags Ablation

Current treatment of atherosclerosis has a high rate of restenosis, which is often associated to the damage of the vascular endothelial cell...

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Anthropometric Profile and Diabetic Foot Risk: A Cross-Sectional Study using Thermography

Neves, Eduardo Borba ;   Almeida, António José ;   Rosa, Claudio ;   Vilaça-Alves, José ;   Reis, Victor Machado ;   Mendes, Romeu

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesHealth technology management and assessment

Diabetes is one of the greatest todays public health problems with enormous social and economic implications for society. Diabetic foot...

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Different Responses of the Skin Temperature to Physical Exercise: Systematic Review

Neves, Eduardo Borba ;   Vilaça-Alves, José ;   Antunes, Natacha ;   Felisberto, Ivo Miguel Vieira ;   Rosa, Claudio ;   Reis, Victor Machado

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesBiofeedback and related technologies

Studies suggest that skin temperature behavior varies according to the type of exercise, intensity, duration, muscle mass and subcutaneous...

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Drug Delivery of Anti-Restenosis Agent by 40 – 60°C Heating to Porcine Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells in Vitro

Homma, Rie ;   Shinozuka, Machiko ;   Shimazaki, Natsumi ;   Arai, Tsunenori

Tags Stents

We investigated the uptake of anti-restenosis agent in vascular smooth muscle cells with heating observing the fluorescence intensity of...

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Evaluation of Optoelectronic Plethysmography Accuracy and Precision in Recording Displacements during Quiet Breathing Simulation

Massaroni, Carlo ;   Schena, Emiliano ;   Saccomandi, Paola ;   Morrone, Michelangelo ;   Sterzi, Silvia ;   Silvestri, Sergio

Tags PlethysmographyVerification and validationPhysiological monitoring devices

Opto-electronic Plethysmography (OEP) is a motion analysis system used to measure chest wall kinematics and to indirectly evaluate...

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Goniometric Measurement for the Estimation of Anisotropy Coefficient of Human and Animal Pancreas

Saccomandi, Paola ;   Schena, Emiliano ;   Massaroni, Carlo ;   Di Matteo, Francesco Maria ;   Silvestri, Sergio

Tags Interstitial thermal therapyAblation

Estimation of optical properties of biologic tissues is determinant for laser dosimetry in medical applications. Tissues highly absorb and...

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Magnetic Resonance-Compatible Needle-Like Probe based on Bragg Grating Technology for Measuring Temperature during Laser Ablation

Cappelli, Silvia ;   Saccomandi, Paola ;   Massaroni, Carlo ;   Polimadei, Andrea ;   Silvestri, Sergio ;   Caponero, Michele Arturo ;   Frauenfelder, Giulia ;   Schena, Emiliano

Tags MRI-compatible instrumentation and device managementInterstitial thermal therapyDesign and development

Temperature monitoring in tissue undergone Laser Ablation (LA) may be particularly beneficial to optimize treatment outcome. Among many...

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Talaporfin Sodium Binding and Photocytotoxicity of Photosensitization Reaction on Myocardial Cell under Various Albumin Concentrations and Temperature

Ogawa, Emiyu ;   Takenoya, Hiromi ;   Ito, Arisa ;   Arai, Tsunenori

Tags AblationRF and microwave ablationDesign and development

To understand the efficiency change of the extracellular photosensitization reaction by the external factor in myocardium interstitial space,...

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Treatment for Neuropathic Pain and Chronic Inflammation using LASER in Animal Models

Nohama, Percy ;   Erthal, Vanessa

Tags Health technology management and assessmentClinical testing/clinical trialsNeural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)

The ST36 (Zusanli) acupuncture point is used to treat inflammatory processes, pain and gastrointestinal disturbs. For this reason, the aim of...

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