A Preliminary Study of the Relation between Back-Pain and Plantar-Pressure Evolution during Pregnancy

Martínez-Martí, Fernando ;   Martínez-Garcia, María Sofía ;   Carvajal Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel ;   Palma López, Alberto ;   Molina-Molina, Alejandro ;   Soto Hermoso, Victor M. ;   Ocón Hernández, Olga ;   Florido Navío, Jesús

Tags Wellness monitoring technologiesWireless telemetric systemsHealth technology management and assessment

This work presents the dynamic study of the plantar pressure in a group of 15 pregnant. An instrumented insoles (ECnsole) developed by the...

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Comprehensive Framework for Preventive Maintenance Priority of Medical Equipment

Saleh, Neven

Tags Health technology management and assessmentClinical engineering

Throughout the medical equipment life cycle, preventive maintenance is considered one of the most important stages that should be managed...

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Determining the Variability in O2 Saturation Measurements in Devices of the "Dr. Guillermo Rawson" Hospital

Muñoz Zapata, Fernando Jorge ;   Pulenta, Luis ;   Bustamante, Paola Andrea ;   Avila Perona, Enrique Mario

Tags OximetryClinical engineeringVerification and validation

This paper has been removed from the proceedings.

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Development and Integration of a Surveillance Monitoring Solution to Provide Earlier Detection of the Deteriorating Patient

Donnelly, Nicola ;   Harper, Roy ;   Branagh, David ;   Francey, Jonathan ;   Collins, Holly ;   Faro-Maza, Virginia ;   Hunniford, Thomas ;   Mooney, Andrew ;   McLaughlin, James

Tags Device alarm, alert, and communication systemsProduct development processPhysiological monitoring devices

This paper presents recent improvement of a Wi-Fi based vital signs monitor used for in-hospital monitoring in medium-risk settings. Valuable...

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Development of Implantable Hemodialysis System using PES Membranes with Higher Water-Permeability

To, Naoya ;   Sanada, Ippei ;   Ito, Hikaru ;   Morita, Shinya ;   Kanno, Yoshihiko ;   Miki, Norihisa

Tags Artificial organs (incl heart, kidney, liver, pancreas, retina)Home and portable dialysisDesign and development

This paper presents development of water-permeable dialysis membranes that are suitable for the implantable micro dialysis system that does...

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Image based Quantitative Reader for Lateral Flow Immunofluorescence Assay

Basak Chowdhury, Kaushik ;   Joseph, Jayaraj ;   Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar

Tags Point of care diagnostic lab technologiesClinical laboratory, assay and pathology technologiesDesign and development

Fluorescence Lateral flow immunoassays (LFIA) have wide range of applications in point-of-care testing (POCT). An integrated, motion-free,...

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Integrated Vital Signs Monitoring System using Ubiquitous Devices: Multiple Physical Signs Detection and Decision Support for Hospitalized Older Adults

Baig, Mirza Mansoor ;   GholamHosseini, Hamid ;   Connolly, Martin J.

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesDevice alarm, alert, and communication systemsDesign and development

Vital signs monitoring systems are rapidly becoming the core of today’s healthcare deliveries. The paradigm has shifted from traditional and...

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Organizational Principles of Cloud Storage to Support Collaborative Biomedical Research

Kanbar, Lara ;   Shalish, Wissam ;   Robles-Rubio, Carlos Alejandro ;   Precup, Doina ;   Brown, Karen ;   Sant'Anna, Guilherme Mendes ;   Kearney, Robert Edward

Tags Clinical workflow analysisDesign and developmentClinical testing/clinical trials

This paper describes organizational guidelines and an anonymization protocol for the management of sensitive information in interdisciplinary,...

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Sleep State Classification using Pressure Sensor Mats

Baran Pouyan, Maziyar ;   Nourani, Mehrdad ;   Pompeo, Matthew

Tags Device alarm, alert, and communication systemsHealth technology management and assessment

Sleep state detection is valuable in assessing patient’s sleep quality and in-bed general behavior. In this paper, a novel classification...

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Tablet-Based Patient Monitoring and Decision Support Systems in Hospital Care

Baig, Mirza Mansoor ;   GholamHosseini, Hamid ;   Lindén, Maria

Tags Physiological monitoring devicesDesign and developmentWellness monitoring technologies

Remote patient monitoring with evidence-based decision support is revolutionizing healthcare. This novel approach could enable both patients...

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The Dimensioning and Development of Hospital Electric Installations to Guarantee the Continuity of use of the Therapeutic and Diagnostic System

Stroili, Manuela ;   Pavan, Elena Clio ;   Gorela, Marino ;   Kenda, Fulvio

Tags Health technology management and assessmentSafetyDesign and development

The Technical Services and the Medical Administration of the Hospitals of Trieste have been working for years to ensure the optimal...

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