A Dual-User Teleoperation System with Online Authority Adjustment for Haptic Training

Liu, Fei ;   LelevĂ©, Arnaud ;   Eberard, Damien ;   Redarce, Tanneguy

Tags Remote surgery systems / telesurgeryHaptics in robotic surgeryHaptic interfaces

This paper introduces a dual-user teleoperation system for hands-on medical training. A shared control based architecture is presented for...

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Displaying Shape Haptically using MRF-Based Device

Rizzo, Rocco ;   Musolino, Antonino ;   Tucci, Mauro ;   Jones, Lynette

Tags Haptic interfacesTactile displays and perceptionHaptics in robotic surgery

Smart materials such as magnetorheological fluids (MRF) offer an interesting medium to present viscoelastic cues in haptic displays as changes...

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Large Displacement Haptic Stimulus Actuator using Piezoelectric Pump for Wearable Devices

Kodama, Taisuke ;   Izumi, Shintaro ;   Masaki, Kana ;   Kawaguchi, Hiroshi ;   Maenaka, Kazusuke ;   Yoshimoto, Masahiko

Tags Haptic interfacesTactile displays and perceptionHuman machine interfaces and robotics applications

Recently, given Japan’s aging society background, wearable healthcare devices have increasingly attracted attention. Many devices have been...

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