A Current-Excited Triple-Time-Voltage Oversampling Method for Bio-Impedance Model for Cost-Efficient Circuit System

Hong, Yan ;   Wang, Yong ;   Goh, Wang Ling ;   Gao, Yuan ;   Yao, Lei

Tags Neural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interfaceNeural interfaces - Bioelectric sensorsNeural interfaces - Stimulator technology

This paper presents a mathematic method and a cost-efficient circuit to measure the value of each component of the bio-impedance model at...

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An Implantable Wireless Optogenetic Stimulation System for Peripheral Nerve Control

Song, Kang-Il ;   Park, Sunghee ;   Kim, Myoung-Soo ;   Joo, Chulmin ;   Kim, Yongjun ;   Suh, Jun-Kyo ;   Hwang, Dosik ;   Youn, Inchan

Tags Neural interfaces - Implantable systemsMotor neuroprosthesesNeural stimulation

An implantable wireless optogenetic stimulation system with an LED-based optical stimulation cuff electrode was developed for peripheral nerve...

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Chronic and Low Charge Injection Wireless Intraneural Stimulation in Vivo

Romero-Ortega, Mario ;   Kanneganti, Aswini ;   Bendale, Geetanjali ;   Seifert, Jennifer ;   Bredeson, Samuel ;   Troyk, Philip ;   Deku, Felix ;   Cogan, Stuart

Tags Neural interfaces - Stimulator technologyNeural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural interfaces - Tissue-electrode interface

Functional stability and in-vivo reliability are significant factors determining the longevity of a neural interface. In this ongoing study, we...

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Chronic In-Vivo Testing of a 16-Channel Implantable Wireless Neural Stimulator

Bredeson, Samuel ;   Kanneganti, Aswini ;   Deku, Felix ;   Cogan, Stuart ;   Romero-Ortega, Mario ;   Troyk, Philip

Tags Neural interfaces - Stimulator technologyNeural stimulation - Peripheral & spinalNeural interfaces - Microelectrode technology

Here, we report on chronic in-vivo testing of a 16- channel wireless floating microelectrode array (WFMA) in a rat sciatic nerve model. Muscle...

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Design of Mechanical Interface to Re-Distribute Excess Pressure to Prevent the Formation of Decubitus Ulcers in Bed Ridden Patients

Nageswaran, Sharmila ;   Vijayakumar, Rekha ;   Sivarasu, Sudesh

Tags Neural interfaces - Body interfacesRehabilitation - StrokeRehabilitation - Spinal injury

Pressure ulcers are the major problem in the stroke management and rehabilitation. Prevention of pressure ulcer is of keen interest and is...

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KDI: A Wireless ECoG Recording Platform with Impedance Spectroscopy, Electrical Stimulation and Real-Time, Lossless Data Compression

Foerster, Michael ;   Burdin, Florent ;   Safont, Franck ;   Bernert, Marie ;   Dehaene, David ;   Lambert, AurĂ©lien ;   Charvet, Guillaume

Tags Neural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural interfaces - Stimulator technologyBrain-computer/machine interface

A power-efficient modular wireless platform has been designed for prototyping and pre-clinical evaluations of neural recording implants. This...

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Mechanical Deformation of Thin Film Platinum under Electrical Stimulation

Ordonez, Juan Sebastian ;   Rudmann, Linda ;   Cvancara, Paul ;   Bentler, Christian ;   Stieglitz, Thomas

Tags Neural interfaces - Microelectrode technologyNeural stimulationNeural interfaces - Microsystems and microfabrication

Thin-film-based electrodes used to interact with nervous tissue often fail quickly if used for electrical stimulation, impairing their translation...

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Restoration of Vision using Wireless Cortical Implants: The Monash Vision Group Project

Lowery, Arthur James ;   Rosenfeld, Jeffrey V. ;   Lewis, Philip Mark ;   Browne, Damien ;   Mohan, Anand ;   Brunton, Emma Kate ;   Yan, Edwin ;   Maller, Jerome ;   Mann, Collette ;   Rajan, Ramesh ;   Rosa, Marcello ;   Pritchard, Jeanette

Tags Neural interfaces - Implantable systemsNeural stimulationBrain-computer/machine interface

Monash Vision Group is developing a bionic vision system based on implanting several small tiles in the V1 region of the visual cortex. This...

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Towards Out-of-the-Lab EEG in Uncontrolled Environments: Feasibility Study of Dry EEG Recordings during Exercise Bike Riding

Kohli, Siddharth ;   Casson, Alexander James

Tags Neural interfaces - Body interfacesHuman performance - Sensory-motorBrain functional imaging - EEG

Conventional EEG (electroencephalography) has relied on wet electrodes which require conductive gel to help the electrodes make contact with...

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