An Assessment of the Relationship between Dicrotic Notch Timing and Cardiac Preload

Kannangara, Don Oliver ;   Davidson, Shaun ;   Pretty, Christopher G. ;   Kamoi, Shun ;   Corbett-Davies, Joseph ;   Desaive, Thomas ;   Shaw, Geoffrey M ;   Chase, J. Geoffrey

Tags Cardiovascular modelsArterial pressure

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) patient outcomes can be improved by extracting and synthesizing as much useful information as possible from a...

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Cardiovascular System Identification: Simulation Study using Arterial and Central Venous Pressures

Karamolegkos, Nikolaos ;   Vicario, Francesco ;   Chbat, Nicolas W.

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingCardiovascular modelsCardiovascular system modeling

The paper presents a study of the identifiability of a lumped model of the cardiovascular system. The significance of this work from the...

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Computational Analysis of Hemodynamic Parameters of MMD Patients Treated with STA-MCA Bypass

Karunanithi, Kaavya ;   Zhu, Fengping ;   Qian, Yi ;   Mao, Ying

Tags Arterial pressureBlood flowHemodynamics

Highly prevalent in Asian countries, Moyamoya Disease (MMD) is characterized by progressive occlusion of the intracranial Internal Carotid...

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Intraoperative Hemodynamics Predict Postoperative Mortality in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Prasad, Varesh ;   Toschi, Nicola ;   Canichella, Antonio ;   Marcellucci, Martina ;   Coniglione, Filadelfo ;   Dauri, Mario ;   Guerrisi, Maria ;   Heldt, Thomas

Tags HemodynamicsBlood pressure regulation and variabilityCardiovascular signal processing

Liver transplantation remains the only curative treatment option for a variety of end-stage liver diseases. Prediction of major adverse...

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Investigation of the Composition of Arterial Plaques based on Arterial Waveforms and Material Properties

Feng, Jiling ;   Rajeswaran, T ;   Alexander, Yvonne ;   Wilkinson, Fiona ;   Azzawi, May ;   Parikh, V ;   Miraftab, M. ;   Serracino-Inglott, Ferdinand

Tags Blood flowHemodynamicsPulse wave velocity

Stroke is caused by a narrowing of the carotid artery from a build-up of plaque. The risk of plaque rupture and subsequent stroke is...

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Predicting Hyperlactatemia in the MIMIC II Database

Dunitz, Max ;   Verghese, George ;   Heldt, Thomas

Tags Hypoxia and hypercapniaIntensive care unitArterial pressure

Sepsis, which occurs when an infection leads to a systemic inflammatory response, is believed to contribute to one in two to three hospital...

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Stroke Volume Estimation using Aortic Pressure Measurements and Aortic Cross Sectional Area: Proof of Concept

Kamoi, Shun ;   Pretty, Christopher G. ;   Chiew, Yeong Shiong ;   Pironet, Antoine ;   Davidson, Shaun ;   Desaive, Thomas ;   Shaw, Geoffrey M ;   Chase, J. Geoffrey

Tags Cardiovascular system modelingHemodynamicsIntensive care unit

Accurate Stroke Volume (SV) monitoring is essential for patient with cardiovascular dysfunction patients. However, direct SV measurements are...

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Wave Speed and Reflections Proximal to Aneurysm and Stenosis of Flexible Tubes

Hacham, Wisam ;   Abdullah, Najdat ;   Al-Ammri, A.Salam ;   Khir, Ashraf

Tags Pulse wave velocityHemodynamicsArterial pressure

Arterial aneurism and stenosis are disorders that lead to circulation malfunction. Stenosis often leads to hypoxia of the organ depending on...

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