CFD Analysis of Unsteady Flow through Conjoining Aorta and Aortic Isthmus

Gunter, Amy Lee ;   Keshavarz-Motamed, Zahra ;   Portaro, Rocco ;   Kadem, Lyes ;   Ng, Hoi Dick

Tags Cardiovascular flow and hemodynamicsBlood flow modelsCardiac modeling

The initial stages of fetal development require that blood oxygenation occur through the placenta rather than the non functioning lungs. As...

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Changes in Inflammatory Response During and After Cardiopulmonary Bypass using a Rat Extracorporeal Circulation Model

Fujii, Yutaka ;   Shirai, Mikiyasu ;   Pearson, James ;   Takewa, Yoshiaki ;   Tatsumi, Eisuke

Tags Blood flow modelsCardiorespiratory modelsCardiovascular flow and hemodynamics

Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) is indispensable for cardiac surgery. Since the ethical and technical difficulties associated with clinical research...

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Computational Analysis of Stenosis Geometry Effects on Right Coronary Hemodynamics

Caruso, Maria Vittoria ;   De Rosa, Salvatore ;   Indolfi, Ciro ;   Fragomeni, Gionata

Tags HemodynamicsCoronary blood flowCoronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the most frequent causes of death in western countries. It is characterized by the presence of...

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Effect of in Vivo Flow Dynamics on Angiogenesis by Computational Modeling

Ghaffari, Siavash ;   Leask, Richard ;   Jones, Elizabeth

Tags HemodynamicsVascular mechanicsBlood flow

This work represents the role that flow dynamics play in the process of angiogenesis during vascular remodeling. We have developed a method...

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GPU-Accelerated Model for Fast, Three-Dimensional Fluid-Structure Interaction Computations

Nita, Cosmin ;   Itu, Lucian ;   Mihalef, Viorel ;   Sharma, Puneet ;   Rapaka, Saikiran

Tags Blood flow modelsCardiovascular flow and hemodynamics

In this paper we introduce a methodology for performing one-way Fluid-Structure interaction (FSI), i.e. where the motion of the wall...

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Numerical Analysis of the Hemodynamics of an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repaired using the Endovascular Chimney Technique

Ben Gur, Hila ;   Kosa, Gabor ;   Moshe, Brand

Tags Blood flowHemodynamicsPulse wave velocity

This paper presents a numerical analysis of the hemodynamics in an abdominal aorta (AA) with an aneurysm repaired by a stent graft (SG)...

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Validation Study of a 3D-QCA Coronary Reconstruction Method using a Hybrid IntraVascular UltraSound and Angiography Reconstruction Method and Patient-Specific Fractional Flow Reserve Data

Siogkas, Panagiotis ;   Athanasiou, Lambros ;   Sakellarios, Antonis ;   Stefanou, Kostas ;   Exarchos, Themis P. ;   Papafaklis, Michail ;   Naka, Katerina ;   Parodi, Oberdan ;   Michalis, Lampros ;   Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.

Tags Cardiovascular flow and hemodynamicsCardiovascular modelsCoronary blood flow

The estimation of the severity of coronary lesions is of utmost importance in today’s clinical practice, since Cardiovascular diseases often...

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