A Mechano-Regulatory Model for Bone Healing Predictions under the Influence of Ultrasound

Vavva, Maria ;   Grivas, Konstantinos ;   Aurelie, Carlier ;   Polyzos, Demosthenes ;   Geris, Liesbet ;   Van Oosterwyck, Hans ;   Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.

Tags Cell modelingBiomechanics modelingMultiscale modeling

The bone healing process involves a sequence of cellular action and interaction, regulated by biochemical and mechanical signals. Experimental...

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Combined Approach for the Biomechanical Characterization of Skin Lesions

Franzetti, Gaia ;   Crippa, Federica ;   Cutrì, Elena ;   Spatafora, Grazia ;   Montin, Eros ;   Mainardi, Luca ;   Spadola, Giuseppe ;   Testori, Alessandro ;   Pennati, Giancarlo

Tags Biomechanics modelingMultiscale modelingPhysiological systems

Melanocytic nevi are common benign skin lesions, known as moles, due to proliferation of melanocytes, the pigmented skin cells. The uncontrolled...

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Compliance Boundary Conditions for Simulating Deformations in a Limited Target Region

Ozkan, Ece ;   Goksel, Orcun

Tags Biomedical data-driven modelingBiomechanics modeling

Patient-specific models in medical procedures are often limited to a relatively small region of interest due either to computational concerns...

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Development of a Finite Element Model of a Finger Pad for Biomechanics of Human Tactile Sensations

Vodlak, Teja ;   Vidrih, Zlatko ;   Fetih, Dusan ;   Peric, Djordje ;   Rodic, Tomaz

Tags Biomechanics modelingBiomedical data-driven modelingMultiscale modeling

The aim of ongoing research is to develop a multi-scale multi-physics computational framework for modelling of human touch in order to provide...

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Effect of Modeling Parameters on the Frequency Response of the Middle Ear by Means of Finite Element Analysis

Spiridon, Ioannis ;   Sakellarios, Antonis ;   Rigas, Georgios ;   Tagaris, Anastassios ;   Bellos, Christos ;   Bibas, Thanos ;   Böhnke, Frank ;   Iliopoulou, Dimitra ;   Koutsouris, Dimitrios ;   Fotiadis, Dimitrios I.

Tags Biomechanics modelingMultiscale modelingPhysiological systems

A 3D finite element model of the human middle ear was developed for the investigation of the modeling parameters’ effect on the frequency...

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Implementation of a 3D Porcine Lumbar Finite Element Model for the Simulation of Monolithic Spinal Rods with Variable Flexural Stiffness

Brummund, Martin ;   Brailovski, Vladimir ;   Facchinello, Yann ;   Petit, Yvan ;   Mac-Thiong, Jean-Marc

Tags Biomechanics modelingMedical device modelingBiomedical data-driven modeling

Monolithic superelastic-elastoplastic spinal rods (MSER) are promising candidates to provide (i) dynamic stabilisation in spinal segments prone...

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Inferring Intra-Cellular Mechanics using Geometric Metamorphosis: A Preliminary Study

Hussan, Jagir R. ;   Hunter, Peter

Tags Biomechanics modelingInverse problems in biologyAlgorithms and techniques for systems modeling

Mechanotransduction plays an important role in sub-cellular processes and is an active area of research. Determining the forces/strains that...

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Recovering the Mechanical Properties of Denatured Intervertebral Discs through Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Khalaf, Kinda ;   Nikkhoo, Mohammad ;   Kuo, Y.W. ;   Hsu, Y.C. ;   Parnianpour, Mohammad ;   Campbell-Kyureghyan, Naira ;   Haghpanahi, Mohammad ;   Wang, J.L.

Tags Biomechanics modelingBiomedical data-driven modelingParameter estimation

Degenerative disc disease is one of the most common causes of low back pain instigating huge socioeconomic costs and posing an immense...

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Stiffness Matrix Representation of Hyper-Elasticity for Surgical Simulation and Navigation

Nishiyama, Shuhei ;   Kuroda, Yoshihiro ;   Takemura, Haruo

Tags Biomechanics modelingMedical device modeling

Nowadays, physics-based simulation plays an important role in industries and clinical fields thanks to the outstanding progress of computer...

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