A Wireless Monitoring System for Hydrocephalus Shunts

Narayanaswamy, Anand ;   Nourani, Mehrdad ;   Tamil, Lakshman ;   Bianco, Sabatino

Tags Implantable systemsNew sensing techniquesPhysiological monitoring

Patients with Hydrocephalus are usually treated by diverting the excess Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) to other parts of the body using shunts....

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Adaptive Kalman Filter for Indoor Localization using Bluetooth Low Energy and Inertial Measurement Unit

Yoon, Paul K. ;   Zihajehzadeh, Shaghayegh ;   Kang, Bong-Soo ;   Park, Edward J.

Tags Integrated sensor systems

This paper proposes a novel indoor localization method using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and an inertial measurement unit (IMU). The...

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Deep Tissue Targeted Near-Infrared Optogenetic Stimulation using Fully Implantable Upconverting Light Bulbs

Chamanzar, Maysamreza ;   Garfield, David ;   Iafrati, Jillian ;   Sohal, Vikaas ;   Chan, Emory ;   Cohen, Bruce ;   Schuck, P. James ;   Maharbiz, Michel

Tags Implantable technologiesOptical and photonic sensors and systemsBio-nano technology

We demonstrate for the first time, the possibility of targeted optogenetic stimulation of neurons deep into brain tissue (>2 mm) in a...

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Development of a Multichannel Implantable Connector

Koch, Julia ;   Ordonez, Juan Sebastian ;   Stieglitz, Thomas ;   Schuettler, Martin

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologies

Further development of active implantable medical devices (AIMDs) coming along with higher channel counts and improved maintainability raises...

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Non-Hermetic Encapsulation for Implantable Electronic Devices based on Epoxy

Boeser, Fabian ;   Ordonez, Juan Sebastian ;   Schuettler, Martin ;   Stieglitz, Thomas ;   Plachta, Dennis T.T.

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologies

Hermetic and non-hermetic implant packaging are the two strategies to protect electronic systems against the humid conditions inside the...

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On the use of Test Gases of Various Radii to Investigate Molecular Sieving in Leak Channels

Lim, William W ;   Bucknall, Martin Paul ;   Adler, Lewis ;   McKenzie, David ;   Suaning, Gregg

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologies

Evidence of the effect of molecule size (molecular sieving) was discovered in leak channels similar to those found in hermetically sealed...

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Safe Inductive Power Transmission to Millimeter-Sized Implantable Microelectronics Devices

Kiani, Mehdi ;   Ibrahim, Ahmed

Tags Implantable technologiesImplantable systemsWireless sensors and systems

Power transfer efficiency (PTE) and power delivered to the load (PDL) are key inductive link design parameters for powering millimeter-sized...

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