A 3D Sparse Motion Field Filtering for Quantitative Analysis of Fascial Layers Mobility based on 3D Ultrasound Scans

Turini, Giuseppe ;   Condino, Sara ;   Stecco, Antonio ;   Ferrari, Vincenzo ;   Ferrari, Mauro ;   Gesi, Marco

Tags Image filteringImage feature extraction

In the last few years, there has been an increasing interest in the role of deep fascia mobility in musculoskeletal dynamics and chronic pain...

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A Multi-Environment Dataset for Activity of Daily Living Recognition in Video Streams

Borreo, Alessandro ;   Onofri, Leonardo ;   Soda, Paolo

Tags Image classificationOptical imagingImage feature extraction

Public datasets played a key role in the increasing level of interest that vision-based human action recognition has attracted in last years....

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A Tool for the Quantification of Radial Neo-Vessels in Chick Chorioallantoic Membrane Angiogenic Assays

Gnutti, Alessandro ;   Signoroni, Alberto ;   Leonardi, Riccardo ;   Corsini, Michela ;   Presta, Marco ;   Mitola, Stefania

Tags Image feature extractionImage segmentation

Angiogenesis, the process of new blood vessels formation, plays a key role in different physiological and pathological conditions and it is...

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Automatic Detection of Cell Divisions (Mitosis) in Live-Imaging Microscopy Images using Convolutional Neural Networks

Shkolyar, Anat ;   Gefen, Amit ;   Benayahu, Dafna ;   Greenspan, Hayit K.

Tags Image classificationOptical imaging

We propose a semi-automated pipeline for the detection of possible cell divisions in live-imaging microscopy and the classification of these...

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Automatic Segmentation of Rima Glottidis in 4D Laryngeal CT Scans for Early Detection of Parkinson's Disease

Hewavitharanage, Sajini Ruwanthika Gintota ;   Gubbi, Jayavardhana ;   Thyagarajan, Dominic ;   Lau, Ken ;   Palaniswami, Marimuthu

Tags Image classificationImage segmentationX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neuro-degenerative disease which currently has neither cure nor any pathological tests. PD is a slowly...

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Blood Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscope Images based on Salient Superpixels

Iakovidis, Dimitris ;   Chatzis, Dimitris ;   Chrysanthopoulos, Panos ;   Koulaouzidis, Anastasios

Tags Image feature extractionImage classificationImage segmentation

Wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) enables screening of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract with a miniature, optical endoscope packed within a small...

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Classification of Vertebral Compression Fractures in Magnetic Resonance Images using Spectral and Fractal Analysis

Azevedo-Marques, Paulo Mazzoncini ;   Spagnoli, Heloisa Ferreira ;   Frighetto-Pereira, Lucas ;   Menezes-Reis, Rafael ;   Metzner, Guilherme A. ;   Rangayyan, Raj ;   Nogueira-Barbosa, Marcello

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionMultivariate image analysis

Fractures with partial collapse of vertebral bodies are generically referred to as "vertebral compression fractures" or VCFs. VCFs...

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Convolutional Neural Networks for Mammography Mass Lesion Classification

Arevalo, John ;   Gonzalez Osorio, Fabio Augusto ;   Ramos-Pollan, Raul ;   Oliveira, José Luis ;   Guevara López, Miguel Angel

Tags Image feature extractionX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)Image classification

Feature extraction is a fundamental step when mammography image analysis is addressed using learning based approaches. Traditionally, problem...

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Detection of Blur Artifacts in Histopathological Whole-Slide Images of Endomyocardial Biopsies

Wu, Hang ;   Phan, John H. ;   Bhatia, Ajay ;   Cundiff, Caitlin ;   Shehata, Bahig ;   Wang, May D.

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionCardiac imaging and image analysis

Histopathological whole-slide images (WSIs) have emerged as an objective and quantitative means for imagebased disease diagnosis. However, WSIs...

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Differential Evolution based Advised SVM for Histopathalogical Image Analysis for Skin Cancer Detection

Masood, Ammara ;   Al-Jumaily, Adel

Tags Image classificationImage feature extraction

Automated detection of cancerous tissue in histopathological images is a big challenge. This work proposed a new pattern recognition method...

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Eigenfoot Decomposition of Plantar Pressure Images and Case Study of Feature Prediction of Two Modalities

Cuppens, Kris ;   Saey, Tom ;   De Raeve, Eveline ;   Van den Herrewegen, Inge ;   Knippels, Ingrid ;   Broeckx, Mario ;   Peeraer, Louis

Tags Image feature extractionImage visualization

The registration of plantar pressure images is a widely used technique to support human gait analysis. In plantar pressure images, most of...

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Estimating Flow Rate and Total Volume of Simulated Urine Flow Noninvasively from a Monocular Camera

Isomura, Atsushi ;   Bhuiyan, Shoaib ;   Kawanaka, Haruki ;   Watanabe, Eiichi ;   Oguri, Koji

Tags Image feature extractionFunctional image analysisImage denoising

Urodynamics measurement tools in practical use carry the risk of nosocomial infection and invasiveness. Our study proposes a new method for...

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Feature Extraction Employing Fuzzy-Morphological Decomposition for Detection and Classification of Mass on Mammograms

Lima, Sidney ;   Azevedo, Washington ;   Cordeiro, Filipe ;   Silva-Filho, Abel ;   dos Santos, Wellington

Tags Image filteringImage classification

This paper has been removed from the proceedings.

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Follow-Me: A New Start-and-Stop Method for Visual Animal Tracking in Biology Research

Linares-Sánchez, Luis Javier ;   Fernandez Aleman, Jose Luis ;   García-Mateos, Ginés ;   Pérez-Ruzafa, Ángel ;   Sánchez-Vázquez, Francisco Javier

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

Very frequently, research in biology and ethology requires visual tracking of live animals, such as insects, rodents and fish. The challenge is...

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Fuzzy Membership Functions for Analysis of High-Resolution CT Images of Diffuse Pulmonary Diseases

Almeida, Eliana Silva de ;   Rangayyan, Raj ;   Azevedo-Marques, Paulo Mazzoncini

Tags Image classificationImage feature extraction

We propose the use of fuzzy membership functions to analyze images of diffuse pulmonary diseases (DPDs) based on fractal and texture...

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Glaucoma Detection based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Chen, Xiangyu ;   Xu, Yanwu ;   Wong, Damon ;   Wong, Tien Yin ;   Liu, Jiang

Tags Image classificationRetinal imaging

Glaucoma is a chronic and irreversible eye disease, which leads to deterioration in vision and quality of life. In this paper, we develop a deep...

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Hyperspectral Image Acquisition and Analysis of Cultured Bacteria for the Discrimination of Urinary Tract Infections

Turra, Giovanni ;   Conti, Nicola ;   Signoroni, Alberto

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionOptical imaging

Because of their widespread diffusion and impact on human health, early identification of pathogens responsible for urinary tract infections...

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Moddicom: A Complete and Easily Accessible Library for Prognostic Evaluations Relying on Image Features

Dinapoli, Nicola ;   Alitto, Anna Rita ;   Vallati, Mauro ;   Gatta, Roberto ;   Autorino, Rosa ;   Boldrini, Luca ;   Damiani, Andrea ;   Valentini, Vincenzo

Tags Image feature extractionMultivariate image analysisImage classification

Decision Support Systems (DSSs) are increasingly exploited in the area of prognostic evaluations. For predicting the effect of therapies on...

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Preprocessing with Image Denoising and Histogram Equalization for Endoscopy Image Analysis using Texture Analysis

Hiroyasu, Tomoyuki ;   Hayashinuma, Katsutoshi ;   Ichikawa, Hiroshi ;   Yagi, Nobuaki

Tags Image feature extraction

A preprocessing method for endoscopy image analysis using texture analysis is proposed. In a previous study, we proposed a feature value...

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Segmentation of Ultrasound Images of Fetal Anatomic Structures using Random Forest for Low-Cost Settings

Crimi, Alessandro ;   Amoah, Benjamin ;   Anto, Evelyn

Tags Image feature extractionUltrasonic prenatal imaging

In ultrasound imaging, manual extraction of contours of foetal anatomic structures from echographic images have been found to be very...

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Transfer Learning for Bag-of-Visual Words Approach to NBI Endoscopic Image Classification

Sonoyama, Shoji ;   Hirakawa, Tsubasa ;   Tamaki, Toru ;   Kurita, Takio ;   Raytchev, Bisser ;   Kaneda, Kazufumi ;   Koide, Tetsushi ;   Yoshida, Shigeto ;   Kominami, Yoko ;   Tanaka, Shinji

Tags Image classificationImage feature extraction

We address a problem of endoscopic image classification taken by different (e.g., old and new) endoscopies. Our proposed method formulates...

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Transfer Representation Learning for Medical Image Analysis

Shie, ChuenKai ;   Chuang, Chung-Hsiang ;   Wu, Jake Meng-Hsi ;   Chou, Chun-Nan ;   Chang, Edward

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

There are two major challenges to overcome when developing a classifier to perform automatic disease diagnosis. First, the amount of labeled...

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Voice Pathology Classification based on High-Speed Videoendoscopy

Panek, Daria ;   Skalski, Andrzej ;   Zielinski, Tomasz ;   Deliyski, Dimitar

Tags Image classificationImage segmentationImage feature extraction

This work presents a method for automatical and objective classification of patients with healthy and pathological vocal fold vibration...

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