An Age Estimation Method using Brain Local Features for T1-Weighted Images

Kondo, Chihiro ;   Ito, Koichi ;   Wu, Kai ;   Sato, Kazunori ;   Taki, Yasuyuki ;   Fukuda, Hiroshi ;   Aoki, Takafumi

Tags Brain image analysisMR neuroimagingImage feature extraction

Previous statistical analysis studies using largescale brain magnetic resonance (MR) image databases have examined that brain tissues have...

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Automatic and Robust Single-Camera Specular Highlight Removal in Cardiac Images

Alsaleh, Samar ;   Aviles, Angelica Ivone ;   Sobrevilla, Pilar ;   Casals, Alicia ;   Hahn, James

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisImage reconstruction - fast algorithmsImage enhancement

In computer-assisted beating heart surgeries, accurate tracking of the heart’s motion is of huge importance and there is a continuous need...

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Automatic Localization of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac MRI Images using Deep Learning

Emad, Omar ;   Yassine, Inas ;   Fahmy, Ahmed S.

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisMultiscale analysis

Automatic localization of the left ventricle (LV) in cardiac MRI images is an essential step for automatic segmentation, functional analysis, and...

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Brain Tumor Grading based on Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network

Pan, Yuehao ;   Huang, Weimin ;   Lin, Zhiping ;   Zhu, Wanzheng ;   Zhou, Jiayin ;   Wong, Yen Ling Jocelyn ;   Ding, Zhongxiang

Tags Image classificationBrain image analysis

This paper studies brain tumor grading using multiphase MRI images and compares the results with various configurations of deep learning...

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Brain Tumor Image Segmentation using Kernel Dictionary Learning

Lee, Jeon ;   Kim, Seung-Jun ;   Chen, Rong ;   Herskovits, Edward

Tags Brain image analysisImage classification

Automated brain tumor image segmentation with high accuracy and reproducibility holds a big potential to enhance the current clinical practice....

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Contactless Vision-Based Pulse Rate Detection of Infants under Neurological Examinations

Sikdar, Arindam ;   Behera, Santosh Kumar ;   Dogra, Debi Prosad ;   Bhaskar, Harish

Tags Functional image analysisImage feature extractionImage filtering

In this paper, we propose a method for detecting variations in the Pulse Rate (PR) of infants undergoing the Hammersmith Infant Neurological...

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Creating Shape Templates for Patient Specific Biventricular Modeling in Congenital Heart Disease

Gilbert, Kathleen ;   Farrar, Genevieve ;   Cowan, Brett ;   Suinesiaputra, Avan ;   Occleshaw, Christopher ;   Pontre, Beau ;   Perry, James ;   Hegde, Sanjeet ;   Marsden, Alison ;   Omens, Jeffrey ;   McCulloch, Andrew ;   Young, Alistair

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisImage segmentation

Survival rates for infants with congenital heart disease (CHD) are improving, resulting in a growing population of adults with CHD. However,...

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Exploring Influence of Subliminal Interoception on Whole-Brain Functional Network Connectivity Dynamics

Jarrahi, Behnaz ;   Mantini, Dante ;   Mehnert, Ulrich ;   Kollias, Spyros

Tags Brain image analysisMultivariate image analysisFunctional image analysis

Recent fMRI studies have highlighted a dynamic relation across large-scale intrinsic connectivity networks (ICNs) of human brain. The origin of...

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Identification of Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction and Contraction Inhomogeneity in Post-Infarction Patients using a Segmental Two-Parameter Empirical Deformable Model

Leong, Chen Onn ;   Jahanzad, Zeinab ;   Liew, Yih Miin ;   Lim, Einly

Tags Deformable image registrationCardiac imaging and image analysis

Various computational models have been developed with an objective to mimic the left ventricular (LV) wall motion and establishing global and...

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Measurement of Body Joint Angles for Physical Therapy based on Mean Shift Tracking using Two Low Cost Kinect Images

Chen, Yung-Chih ;   Lee, H. J ;   Lin, K.H

Tags Multivariate image analysisImage feature extractionInfra-red imaging

Range of motion (ROM) is commonly used to assess a patient’s joint function in physical therapy. Because motion capture systems are...

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Multiscale Edge Detection and Parametric Shape Modeling for Boundary Delineation in Optoacoustic Images

Mandal, Subhamoy ;   P Sudarshan, Viswanath ;   Nagaraj, Yeshaswini ;   Deán-Ben, C. Luis ;   Razansky, Daniel

Tags Multiscale analysisImage segmentationImage enhancement

In this article, we present a novel scheme for segmenting the image boundary (with the background) in optoacoustic small animal in vivo imaging...

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Quantification of Coronary Artery Stenosis by Area Stenosis from Cardiac CT Angiography

Zhou, Jiayin ;   Huang, Weimin ;   Chi, Yanling ;   Duan, Yuping ;   Zhong, Liang ;   Zhao, Xiaodan ;   Zhang, Jun-Mei ;   Tan, Ru San ;   Xiong, Wei ;   Toe, Kyaw Kyar

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisX-ray CT

Non-invasive cardiac computed tomography angiography (CTA) is widely used to assess coronary artery stenosis and give clinical...

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Relationship between Cardiac Quiescent Periods Derived from Seismocardiography and Echocardiography

Wick, Carson ;   Inan, Omer ;   Bhatti, Pamela ;   Tridandapani, Srini

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisUltrasonic cardiac imaging

The seismocardiogram (SCG) is a measure of chest wall acceleration due to cardiac motion that could potentially supplement the...

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Speeding up the File Access of Large Compressed NIfTI Neuroimaging Data

Rajna, Zalán ;   Keskinarkaus, Anja ;   Kiviniemi, Vesa Johannes ;   Seppänen, Tapio

Tags MR neuroimagingBrain image analysisFunctional image analysis

A method and implementation are presented to achieve a thousand fold speed-up for seeking of large files in a commonly used compressed...

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Symbolic Representation of Brain Vascular Network with ArterioVenous Malformations from 3DRA Images

Li, Fan ;   Tankyevych, Olena ;   Chenoune, Yasmina ;   Blanc, Raphaël ;   Petit, Eric

Tags Brain image analysisImage feature extractionImage segmentation

Vascular imaging is crucial in the treatment of many diseases. In the case of cerebral ArterioVenous Malformation (AVM), where the vascular...

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