Combining Bayesian Source Imaging with Equivalent Dipole Approach to Solve the Intracranial EEG Source Localization Problem

Le Cam, Steven ;   Caune, Vairis ;   Ranta, Radu ;   Korats, Gundars ;   Louis-Dorr, Valerie

Tags EEG imagingElectrical source brain imaging

The brain source localization problem has been extensively studied in the past years, yielding a large panel of methodologies, each bringing...

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EEG Source Localization Constrained by Time Varying FMRI

Nguyen, Thinh ;   Potter, Tom ;   Karmonik, Christof ;   Grossman, Robert ;   Zhang, Yingchun

Tags EEG imagingMultimodal imagingMR neuroimaging

A novel approach for Electroencephalogram (EEG) and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) integration analysis was developed,...

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Estimating Underlying Neuronal Activity from EEG using an Iterative Sparse Technique

Sohrabpour, Abbas ;   Lu, Yunfeng ;   He, Bin

Tags Electrical source brain imagingElectrical source imaging techniquesEEG imaging

In this paper a novel technique for solving the bio-electromagnetic inverse problem is proposed. This method provides information about the...

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Event-Related Brain Potential Signaling Unexpected Timing of Feedback: A Source Localization Analysis

Magosso, Elisa ;   Forcelli, Veronica ;   Garofalo, Sara ;   di Pellegrino, Giuseppe ;   Ursino, Mauro

Tags Electrical source brain imagingEEG imaging

Mediofrontal event-related potential (ERP) components have been extensively reported following performance error or unexpected feedback,...

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Experimental Realization of Induced Current Magnetic Resonance Current Density Imaging

Eroglu, Hasan H. ;   Sadighi, Mehdi ;   Sumser, Kemal ;   Naji, Nashwan ;   Eyuboglu, B.Murat

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniquesMR-specific image reconstructionFunctional image analysis

In this paper, recently proposed Induced Current Magnetic Resonance Current Density Imaging (ICMRCDI) is experimentally realized. The...

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Impedance based Automatic Electrode Positioning

Miklody, Daniel ;   Höhne, Johannes

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniquesEEG imaging

The position of electrodes in electrical imaging and stimulation of the human brain is an important variable with vast influences on the...

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Magnetic Resonance Electrical Properties Tomography for Pancreatic Cancer Detection

Liu, Yang ;   Corr, Stuart ;   Zhang, Yingchun

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniquesMR-specific image reconstruction

The feasibility of utilizing the magnetic resonance electrical properties tomography (MREPT) for pancreatic cancer detection was evaluated via...

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Mapping of Language Areas in Patients with Brain Tumors

Hyder, Rasha ;   Kamel, Nidal ;   Tang, Tong Boon ;   Faruque, Reza

Tags MEG imagingMR neuroimagingMultimodal imaging

Language cortex in human brain shows high variability among normal individuals and may exhibits considerable shift from its original position due...

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Tackling Modelling Error in the Application of Electrical Impedance Tomography to the Head

Ouypornkochagorn, Taweechai ;   McCann, Hugh ;   Polydorides, Nick

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniquesImage reconstruction - performance evaluationIterative image reconstruction

In the head application of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT), reconstruction of voltage measurements for a conductivity distribution image...

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Voxel Seed Coherent Source Analysis on Transient Global Amnesia Patients

Muthuraman, Muthuraman ;   Juliane, Doehring ;   Martin, Nahrwold ;   Mideksa, Kidist Gebremariam ;   Chirumamilla, Venkata Chaitanya ;   Margraf, Nils ;   Jan, Raethjen ;   Gunther, Deuschl ;   Thorsten, Bartsch

Tags Electrical source imaging techniquesEEG imagingMultimodal imaging

Transient global amnesia (TGA) is a rare neurological disorder with a sudden, temporary episode of memory loss which usually occurs in old age....

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