A Preliminary Health Technology Assessment of a Guidance System for Interventional Radiology

Caparelli, Claudia ;   Carpino, Giorgio ;   Brunetti, Gioacchino ;   Larizza, Piero ;   Guglielmelli, Eugenio

Tags Health technology management and assessmentBiopsyClinical engineering

Disruptive innovation in biomedical devices have to be carefully assessed in order to be included in the clinical practice, especially when these...

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Can Virtual Reality Trainers Improve the Compliance Discrimination Abilities of Trainee Surgeons?

Jamieson, Earle ;   Chandler, James ;   Culmer, Peter ;   Manogue, Michael ;   Mon-Williams, Mark ;   Wilkie, Richard

Tags Simulation, learning and trainingHuman factorsDesign and development

The assessment of tissue compliance using a handheld tool is an important skill in medical areas such as laparoscopic and dental surgery. The...

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Safety-Preserving Closed-Loop Control of Anesthesia

Yousefi, Mahdi ;   van Heusden, Klaske ;   Dumont, Guy ;   Ansermino, J. Mark

Tags SafetyProduct development processSimulation, learning and training

In safety-critical control systems, such as closed- loop control of anesthesia, it is of utmost importance to guarantee the ability of a...

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Smartphone Derived Movement Profiles to Detect Changes in Health Status in COPD Patients – A Preliminary Investigation

Kelly, Daniel ;   Caulfield, Brian ;   Donnelly, Seamas

Tags Health technology management and assessmentWellness monitoring technologies

Over 3.2 million people in the UK alone have the lung disease Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Identifying when COPD patients are at risk...

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Validation of Clinical Activity Tracking System in Intensive Care Unit to Assess Nurse Workload Distribution

Guo, Peng ;   Chiew, Yeong Shiong ;   Shaw, Geoffrey M ;   Chase, J. Geoffrey

Tags Clinical engineeringVerification and validationHealth technology management and assessment

Therapeutic Intervention Score System (TISS-28) and the Nursing Activities Score (NAS) are common used to evaluate nursing workload in the...

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