Congestive Heart Failure Patient Monitoring using Wearable Bio-Impedance Sensor Technology

Lee, Seulki ;   Squillace, Gabriel ;   Smeets, Christophe ;   Vandecasteele, Marianne ;   Grieten, Lars ;   de Francisco, Ruben ;   Van Hoof, Chris

Tags Wearable systemsPhysiological monitoring

A new technique to monitor the fluid status of congestive heart failure (CHF) patients in the hospital is proposed and verified in a clinical...

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Evaluation of Accuracy and Reliability of PulseOn Optical Heart Rate Monitoring Device

Delgado-Gonzalo, Ricard ;   Parak, Jakub ;   Tarniceriu, Adrian ;   Renevey, Philippe ;   Bertschi, Mattia ;   Korhonen, Ilkka

Tags Wearable systemsIntegrated sensor systemsPortable miniaturized systems

PulseOn is a wrist-worn optical heart rate (HR) monitor based on photoplethysmography. It utilizes multi- wavelength technology and optimized...

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From the Design to Real E-Textile Platforms for Rehabilitation and Chronic Obstrusive Pulmonary Diseases Care

Paradiso, Rita ;   Caldani, Laura ;   De Toma, Gianluca

Tags Integrated sensor systemsPhysiological monitoringBody sensor networks and telemetric systems

In this paper is described the work done to move from the concept of a monitoring system based on a sensing textile platform to the working...

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Pulse Detection with a Single Accelerometer Placed at the Carotid Artery: Performance in a Real-Life Diagnostic Test during Acute Hypotension

Muehlsteff, Jens ;   Dellimore, Kiran ;   Aarts, Vincent ;   Derks, Rene ;   Peiker, Christiane ;   Meyer, Christian

Tags Physiological monitoringNew sensing techniquesPortable miniaturized systems

Pulse detection via palpation is a basic and essential procedure in daily medical practice. We have been investigating the performance of a...

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Smart Sensing for Detection of Surgical Site Infection

Yang, Guang-Zhong

Tags Body sensor networks and telemetric systemsWearable systems

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs), catheter related sepsis, wound dehiscence and gastrointestinal anastomotic leakage are recognised...

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Wearable Sensor Network to Study Laterality of Brain Functions

Postolache, Gabriela ;   Silva GirĂ£o, Pedro ;   Postolache, Octavian

Tags Body sensor networks and telemetric systems

In the last decade researches on laterality of brain functions have been reinvigorated. New models of lateralization of brain functions were...

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