Construction of Stable Capillary Networks using a Microfluidic Device

Sudo, Ryo

Tags Angiogenesis and vasculogenesisBioMEMS-based 3D scaffold fabrication

Construction of stable capillary networks is required to provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the deep region of thick tissues, which is...

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Microbioreactor for Cell Cultures under Uniaxial Cyclic Strain

Ugolini, Giovanni Stefano ;   Rasponi, Marco ;   Pavesi, Andrea ;   Kamm, Roger D. ;   Fiore, Gianfranco ;   Pesce, Maurizio ;   Soncini, Monica

Tags Bio-MEMS and cell mechanicsMechanical stimuli and mechanotransduction

In the last decade, the idea of mimicking in vivo physico-chemical stimuli into in vitro cell cultures paved the way to the development of...

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Microgrooved Ultra-Thin Films as Building Blocks of Future Bio-Hybrid Actuators

Vannozzi, Lorenzo ;   Ricotti, Leonardo ;   Alyassi, Shaikha ;   Bearzi, Claudia ;   Rizzi, Roberto ;   Gargioli, Cesare ;   Khalaf, Kinda ;   Dario, Paolo ;   Menciassi, Arianna

Tags Micro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringCell seeding in engineered scaffoldsCell-matrix mechanical interactions

This paper aims to demonstrate the possibility to exploit poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) ultra-thin films as platforms for bio-hybrid actuation....

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Modeling the Blood-Brain Barrier in a 3D Triple Co-Culture Microfluidic System

Adriani, Giulia ;   Ma, Dongliang ;   Pavesi, Andrea ;   Goh, Eyleen L. ;   Kamm, Roger D.

Tags Blood brain barrier in drug delivery

The need for a blood-brain barrier (BBB) model that accurately mimics the physiological characteristics of the in-vivo situation is...

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Novel Culturing Platform for Brain Slices and Neuronal Cells

Svendsen, Winnie E ;   Al Atraktchi, Fatima Al-Zahraa ;   Bakmand, Tanya ;   Waagepetersen, Helle ;   Dimaki, Maria

Tags Peptide and protein functionalization of biomaterialsSurface modification of biomaterialsBiofabrication

In this paper we demonstrate a novel culturing system for brain slices and neuronal cells, which can control the concentration of nutrients...

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Regulation of Nuclear Morphology by Actomyosin Components and Cell Geometry

M. Ramdas, Nisha ;   Li, Qingsen ;   Shivashankar, G.V.

Tags Cell-matrix mechanical interactionsCell spreading and adhesionMechanical stimuli and mechanotransduction

Extracellular microenvironmental signals modulate the coupling between cytoskeleton to nuclear links to regulate gene expression profiles....

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