Cardiac Fibrillation Risks with TASER Conducted Electrical Weapons

Panescu, Dorin ;   Kroll, Mark ;   Brave, Michael

Tags Muscle stimulationCardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesSafety

Introduction: The TASER® conducted electrical weapon (CEW) delivers electrical pulses that can temporarily incapacitate subjects. We analyzed...

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Comparing Twelve-Lead Electrocardiography with Close-to-Heart Patch based Electrocardiography

Hansen, Ingeborg Helbech ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Gjerde, Anna ;   Kanters, Jorgen ;   Sorensen, Helge B D

Tags Ambulatory and ADL technologiesCardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesClinical engineering

Electrocardiographic (ECG) recording using adhesive patch-type ECG monitors (PEMs) has several advantages over conventional ECG recorders....

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Live ECG Readings using Google Glass in Emergency Situations

Schaer, Roger ;   Salamin, Fanny, Fanny Salamin ;   Jiménez del Toro, Oscar Alfonso ;   Atzori, Manfredo ;   Müller, Henning ;   Widmer, Antoine

Tags Human factorsDesign and developmentSimulation, learning and training

Most sudden cardiac problems require rapid treatment to preserve life. In this regard, electrocardiograms (ECG) shown on vital parameter...

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Novel Method for Atrioventricular Motion Assessment from Three-Dimensional Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Leng, Shuang ;   Zhao, Xiaodan ;   Tan, Ru San ;   Zhong, Liang

Tags Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesClinical engineeringDesign and development

This study was carried out to (i) track the motion of six atrioventricular junction (AVJ) sites from the two-, three-, and four-chamber...

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Prediction of the Time Period of Stroke based on Ultrasound Image Analysis of Initially Asymptomatic Carotid Plaques

Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos ;   Vogazianos, Paris ;   Christodoulou, Christodoulos ;   Loizou, Christos ;   Petroudi, Styliani ;   Pattichis, Marios ;   Pantziaris, Marios ;   Nicolaides, Andrew ;   Pattichis, Constantinos ;   Panayides, Andreas

Tags Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologies

Non-invasive ultrasound imaging of carotid plaques can provide information on the characteristics of the arterial wall including the size,...

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Structured Prediction for Differentiating between Normal Rhythms, Ventricular Tachycardia, and Ventricular Fibrillation in the ECG

Alwan, Yaqub ;   Cvetkovic, Zoran ;   Curtis, Michael

Tags Cardiovascular assessment and diagnostic technologiesPhysiological monitoring devicesDevice alarm, alert, and communication systems

Recent studies have been performed on feature selection for diagnostics between non-ventricular rhythms and ventricular arrhythmias, or...

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