Effect of Valsalva in the Pulmonary Prosthetic Conduit Valve on Hemodynamic Function in a Mock Circulatory System

Tsuboko, Yusuke ;   Shiraishi, Yasuyuki ;   Yamada, Akihiro ;   Yambe, Tomoyuki

Tags Artificial heart and valves and TAVIPulmonary hemodynamicsCardiovascular flow and hemodynamics

Pulmonary conduit valves are used as one of the surgical treatment methods of congenital heart diseases. We have been designing a...

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Evaluation of Erythrocyte Flow at a Bearing Gap in a Hydrodynamically Levitated Centrifugal Blood Pump

Murashige, Tomotaka ;   Kosaka, Ryo ;   Sakota, Daisuke ;   Nishida, Masahiro ;   Kawaguchi, Yasuo ;   Yamane, Takashi ;   Maruyama, Osamu

Tags Ventricular assist devicesArtificial heart and valves and TAVIHeart failure

We have developed a hydrodynamically levitated centrifugal blood pump for extracorporeal circulatory support. In the blood pump, a spiral...

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In Vitro Study of an Intra-Aortic VAD: Effect of Reverse-Rotating Mode on Ventricular Recovery

Wang, Yaxin ;   Hsu, Po-Lin ;   Love, Holley ;   Timms, Daniel Lee ;   McMahon, Richard

Tags Ventricular assist devicesHemodynamicsHeart failure

Cardiac recovery has been observed in end-stage heart failure patients with mechanical circulatory support. An intra-aortic ventricular...

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Modulation of Platelet Membrane Function via Exogenous Lipid Moiety Exposure Alters Platelet Responsiveness to Shear

Leung, Siu Ling ;   Dimasi, Annalisa ;   Heiser, Sarah ;   Dunn, Andrew ;   Bluestein, Danny ;   Slepian, Marvin J.

Tags Blood flowHemodynamicsArtificial heart and valves and TAVI

Shear-induced platelet activation may cause life-threatening thrombosis, particularly in patients with mechanical support devices or coronary...

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Simulation of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in Patient-Specific Aortic Roots: Effect of Crimping and Positioning on Device Performance

Bianchi, Matteo ;   Ghosh, Ram Proshad ;   Marom, Gil ;   Slepian, Marvin J. ;   Bluestein, Danny

Tags Artificial heart and valves and TAVICardiovascular modelsCardiovascular structure

Calcific aortic valve disease (CAVD) is a cardiovascular condition that causes the progressive narrowing of the aortic valve (AV) opening, due...

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The Platelet Hammer: in Vitro Platelet Activation under Repetitive Hypershear

Sheriff, Jawaad ;   Tran, Phat ;   Hutchinson, Marcus ;   DeCook, Tracy ;   Slepian, Marvin J. ;   Bluestein, Danny ;   Jesty, Jolyon

Tags HemodynamicsVentricular assist devices

Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) devices, such as ventricular assist devices and the total artificial heart, have emerged as a vital...

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