Automatic Fetal Measurements for Low-Cost Settings by using Local Phase Bone Detection

Crimi, Alessandro ;   Anto, Evelyn ;   Amoah, Benjamin

Tags Image feature extractionUltrasonic prenatal imaging

The estimation of gestational age is done mostly by measurement of foetal anatomical structures such as the head and femur. These...

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Characterization of the Central Sulcus in Early Childhood

Gajawelli, Niharika ;   Deoni, Sean C. L. ;   Dirks, Holly ;   Dean, Douglas ;   O'Muircheartaigh, Jonathan ;   Sawardekar, Siddhant ;   Ezis, Andrea ;   Wang, Yalin ;   Nelson, Marvin ;   Coulon, Olivier ;   Lepore, Natasha

Tags Brain image analysisImage feature extractionMR neuroimaging

Characterization of the developing brain during early childhood is of interest for both neuroscience and medicine, and in particular, is key to...

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Fully-Automated Identification and Segmentation of Aortic Lumen from Fetal Ultrasound Images

Tarroni, Giacomo ;   Visentin, Silvia ;   Cosmi, Erich ;   Grisan, Enrico

Tags Ultrasonic prenatal imagingImage segmentationImage classification

Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is a fetal condition that has been linked to an increase in cardiovascular mortality in the adult life....

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Landmark Detection from 3D Mesh Facial Models for Image-Based Analysis of Dysmorphology

Chendeb El Rai, Marwa ;   Tortorici, Claudio ;   AlMuhairi, Hassan ;   Alsafar, Habiba ;   Linguraru, Marius George ;   Werghi, Naoufel

Tags Image feature extractionMultimodal image fusion

Facial landmark detection is a task of interest for facial dysmorphology, an important factor in the diagnosis of genetic conditions. In this...

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Quantification of Kidneys from 3D Ultrasound in Pediatric Hydronephrosis

Cerrolaza, Juan J. ;   Grisan, Enrico ;   Safdar, Nabile ;   Myers, Emmarie ;   Jago, James ;   Peters, Craig A. ;   Linguraru, Marius George

Tags Image segmentation

This paper introduces a complete framework for the quantification of renal structures (parenchyma, and collecting system) in 3D ultrasound...

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Severity Quantification of Pediatric Viral Respiratory Illnesses in Chest X-Ray Images

Okada, Kazunori ;   Golbaz, Marzieh ;   Mansoor, Awais ;   Perez, Geovanny F ;   Pancham, Krishna ;   Khan, Abia ;   Nino, Gustavo ;   Linguraru, Marius George

Tags X-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)Image feature extractionImage segmentation

Accurate assessment of severity of viral respiratory illnesses (VRIs) allows early interventions to prevent morbidity and mortality in young...

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