A Hierarchical Model for Automated Breast Lesion Detection from Ultrasound 3D Data

Deng, Yinhui ;   Liu, Weiping ;   Jago, James

Tags Ultrasonic breast imaging

Ultrasound imaging plays an important role in breast cancer screening for which early and accurate lesion detection is crucial for clinical...

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Continuous Ultrasound Speckle Tracking with Gaussian Mixtures

Schretter, Colas ;   Sun, Jianyong ;   Bundervoet, Shaun ;   Dooms, Ann ;   Schelkens, Peter ;   de Brito Carvalho, Catarina ;   Slagmolen, Pieter ;   D'hooge, Jan

Tags Ultrasonic cardiac imagingParametric image reconstructionDeformable image registration

Speckle tracking echocardiography (STE) is now widely used for measuring strain, deformations, and motion in cardiology. STE involves three...

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Mutual Cinemr/rt3dus Cardiac Segmentation

Beitone, Clément ;   Tilmant, Christophe ;   Chausse, Frédéric

Tags Ultrasonic cardiac imagingImage segmentationRigid-body image registration

We present a new method to segment a cardiac RT3D ultrasound volume, by integrating the registered segmentation of a cardiac cine-MR series...

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Robust Deformable Registration of Pre and Post-Resection Ultrasound Volumes for Visualization of Residual Tumor in Neurosurgery

Zhou, Hang ;   Rivaz, Hassan

Tags Ultrasonic interventional imagingDeformable image registration

The brain tissue deforms significantly during neurosurgery, which has led to the use of intra-operative ultrasound in many sites to provide...

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The Polydisperse Acoustic Signature of Rigid Microbubbles

Dermitzakis, Aris ;   Butler, Mairead ;   Thomas, David ;   Sboros, Vassilis

Tags Ultrasonic vascular imaging

Microbubbles are used in medical ultrasound imaging as contrast agents to image the vascular bed under the mode of Ultrasound Contrast...

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Ultrasound Synthetic Aperture Focusing with the Delay Multiply and Sum Beamforming Algorithm

Matrone, Giulia ;   Savoia, Alessandro Stuart ;   Caliano, Giosue ;   Magenes, Giovanni

Tags Ultrasonic breast imagingHigh-frequency ultrasound technology

The Delay Multiply and Sum (DMAS) beamforming algorithm was originally conceived for microwave imaging of breast cancer. In a previous work, we...

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