Development of the Dual Smart Micro-Surgical System using Common-Path Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography

Park, Hyun-cheol ;   Yeo, Chaebeom ;   Gehlbach, Peter ;   Song, Cheol

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryMotion cancellation in surgical roboticsSurgical robotics

Manual micro-surgical tasks are fundamentally divided into grasping, cutting and injecting maneuvers performed on biological tissues. Efficient...

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FBG-Based Sensorized Light Pipe for Robotic Intraocular Illumination Facilitates Bimanual Retinal Microsurgery

Horise, Yuki ;   He, Xingchi ;   Gehlbach, Peter ;   Taylor, Russell H. ;   Iordachita, Iulian

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryNew technologies and methodologies in medical robotics and biomechanicsDesign and development of robots for human-robot interaction

In retinal surgery, microsurgical instruments such as micro forceps, scissors and picks are inserted through the eye wall via sclerotomies. A...

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Force-Feedback Sensory Substitution using Supervised Recurrent Learning for Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Aviles, Angelica Ivone ;   Alsaleh, Samar ;   Sobrevilla, Pilar ;   Casals, Alicia

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryHaptics in robotic surgerySurgical robotics

The lack of force feedback is considered one of the major limitations in Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgeries. Since add-on sensors are...

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Hand-Eye Calibration of a Robot – UltraSound Probe System without Any 3D Localizers

Sarrazin, Johan ;   Promayon, Emmanuel ;   Baumann, Michael ;   Troccaz, Jocelyne

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryNew technologies and methodologies in medical robotics and biomechanics

3D UltraSound (US) probes are used in clinical applications for their ease of use and ability to obtain intra-operative volumes. In surgical...

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Intra-Operative 3D Imaging System for Robot-Assisted Fracture Manipulation

Dagnino, Giulio ;   Georgilas, Ioannis ;   Tarassoli, Payam ;   Atkins, Roger ;   Dogramadzi, Sanja

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryImage guided surgerySurgical robotics

Reduction is a crucial step in the treatment of broken bones. Achieving precise anatomical alignment of bone fragments is essential for a...

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Visual and Somatic Sensory Feedback of Brain Activity for Intuitive Surgical Robot Manipulation

Miura, Satoshi ;   Matsumoto, Yuya ;   Kobayashi, Yo ;   Kawamura, Kazuya ;   Nakashima, Yasutaka ;   Fujie, Masakatsu G.

Tags Surgical robotics

This paper presents a method to evaluate the hand-eye coordination of the master-slave surgical robot by measuring the activation of the...

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