Accelerating DRR Generation using Fourier Slice Theorem on the GPU

Abdellah, Marwan ;   Eldeib, Ayman M. ;   Owis, Mohamed

Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs (DRRs) play a vital role in medical imaging procedures and radiotherapy applications. They allow the continuous monitoring of patient positioning during image guided therapies using multi-dimensional image registration. Conventional generation of DRRs using spatial domain algorithms such as ray casting is associated with computational complexity of O(N3). Fourier slice theorem is an alternative approach for generating the DRRs in the k-space with reduced time complexity. In this work, we present a high performance, scalable, and optimized DRR generation pipeline on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The strong scaling performance of the presented pipeline is investigated and demonstrated using two contemporary GPUs. Our pipeline is capable of generating DRRs for 5123 volumes in less than a milli-second.