A Novel Multi-Parametric Algorithm for Faint Prediction Integrating Indices of Cardiac Inotropy and Vascular Tone

Couceiro, Ricardo ;   de Carvalho, Paulo ;   Paiva, Rui Pedro ;   Muehlsteff, Jens ;   Henriques, Jorge ;   Eickholt, Christian ;   Brinkmeyer, Christoph ;   Kelm, Malte ;   Meyer, Christian

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingBlood pressure regulation and variabilityAutonomic nervous system

Neurally medicated syncope (NMS) patients suffer from sudden loss of consciousness, which is associated with a high rate of falls and...

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A Toolbox for in Silico Evaluation of Motion Estimators for the Arterial Wall

Gastounioti, Aimilia ;   Douma, Sofia ;   Kolias, Vassileios ;   Nikita, Konstantina

Tags Vascular mechanicsCardiovascular signal processing

While different techniques for artery wall motion estimation continue to appear, there is a need for a low-cost and user-friendly tool for...

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An Improved Method for Detection of Carotid Walls in ARTSENS

Sahani, Ashish Kumar ;   Shah, Malay ;   Joseph, Jayaraj ;   Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingCardiovascular system modeling

We have been developing a fully automated ultrasound based imageless system to facilitate mass screening of patients for future risk of...

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Assessing Real-Time RR-QT Frequency-Domain Measures of Coupling and Causality through Inhomogeneous Point-Process Bivariate Models

Valenza, Gaetano ;   Orini, Michele ;   Citi, Luca ;   Mincholé, Ana ;   Pueyo, Esther ;   Laguna, Pablo ;   Barbieri, Riccardo

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingTime-frequency, time-scale analysis of cardiovascular variabilityHeart rate variability

Ventricular repolarization instability is known to be related to arrhythmogenesis and increased risk of sudden cardiac death. These...

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Assessment of Baroreflex Sensitivity by Continuous Noninvasive Monitoring of Peripheral and Central Aortic Pressure

Kouchaki, Zahra ;   Butlin, Mark ;   Qasem, Ahmad ;   Avolio, Alberto P

Tags BaroreflexBlood pressure regulation and variabilityCardiovascular signal processing

Noninvasive assessment of baroreceptor sensitivity (BRS) facilitates clinical investigation of autonomic function. The spontaneous sequence...

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Automatic Quality Classification of Entire Electrocardiographic Recordings Obtained with a Novel Patch Type Recorder

Saadi, Dorthe Bodholt ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Egstrup, Kenneth ;   Jennum, Poul ;   Iversen, Helle K. ;   Jeppesen, Jørgen L. ;   Sorensen, Helge B D

Tags Cardiovascular signal processing

Recently, new patch type electrocardiogram (ECG) recorders have reached the market. These new devices possess a number of advantages...

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Emax Monitoring by Aortic Pressure Waveform Analysis

Gao, Mingwu ;   Moslehpour, Mohsen ;   Olivier, Bari ;   Mukkamala, Ramakrishna

Tags Cardiovascular modelsCardiovascular signal processingVentricular models

Abstract-Emax - the maximal left ventricular elastance - is perhaps the best available scalar index of contractility. However, the conventional...

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Estimation of Ultrasound Strain Indices in Carotid Plaque and Correlation to Cognitive Dysfunction

Wang, Xiao ;   Jackson, Daren ;   Mitchell, Carol ;   Varghese, Tomy ;   Hermann, Bruce ;   Kliewer, Mark ;   Dempsey, Robert

Tags Cardiovascular signal processing

Carotid plaque prone to release emboli may be predicted by increased strain variations within plaque due to arterial pulsation over a cardiac...

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ETD: An Extended Time Delay Algorithm for Ventricular Fibrillation Detection

Kim, Jungyoon ;   Chu, Chao-Hsien

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingHRV and blood pressure monitoringVentricular arrhythmia mechanisms

Ventricular fibrillation (VF) is the most serious type of heart attack which requires quick detection and first aid to improve patients'...

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Feature Selection for Discrimination of Fractionation Levels in Atrial Electrograms

Orozco-Duque, Andres ;   Martínez-Vargas, Juan David ;   Novak, Daniel ;   Bustamante, John ;   Castellanos-Dominguez, Germán

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingAtrial arrhythmias and ablation

Radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation (AF) guided by complex fractionated atrial electrograms (CFAE) is associated with a...

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Field Stimulation of the Carotid Baroreceptor Complex Does Not Compromise Baroreceptor Function in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

Kouchaki, Zahra ;   Georgakopoulos, Dimitrios ;   Butlin, Mark ;   Avolio, Alberto P

Tags BaroreflexBlood pressure regulation and variabilityCardiovascular signal processing

Field stimulation of the carotid baroreceptors has been successfully used to induce a long-term reduction in blood pressure. However,...

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Fractionated Electrograms and Rotors Detection in Chronic Atrial Fibrillation Using Model-Based Clustering

Orozco-Duque, Andres ;   Duque, Sara Isabel ;   Ugarte, Juan Pablo ;   Tobon, Catalina ;   Kremen, Vaclav ;   Novak, Daniel ;   Saiz, Javier ;   Castellanos-Dominguez, Germán ;   Bustamante, John

Tags Atrial arrhythmias and ablationCardiovascular signal processingSimulation method developments for cardiac arrhythmia studies

The identification of atrial fibrillation (AF) substrates is needed to improve ablation therapy guided by electrograms, although mechanisms...

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Gender Differences in Cardiovascular and Cardiorespiratory Coupling in Healthy Subjects During Head-Up Tilt Test by Joint Symbolic Dynamics

Reulecke, Sina ;   Charleston-Villalobos, Sonia ;   Voss, Andreas ;   Gonzalez-Camarena, Ramon ;   Gaitan-Gonzalez, Mercedes ;   Gonzalez-Hermosillo, José Antonio ;   Hernandez-Pacheco, Guadalupe ;   Aljama-Corrales, Tomas

Tags Non-linear cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory relationsCardiovascular signal processing

Abstract-Gender related-differences in the autonomic regulation of the cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems have been studied mainly...

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Magnetic Plethysmograph Transducers for Local Blood Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement

PM, Nabeel ;   Joseph, Jayaraj ;   Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar

Tags Pulse wave velocityPulse transit timeCardiovascular signal processing

We present the design of magnetic plethysmograph (MPG) transducers for detection of blood pulse waveform and evaluation of local pulse wave...

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Model-Based Blood Pressure Wave Reflection Analysis Using Peripheral Blood Pressure Waveforms

Kim, Chang-Sei ;   Fazeli, Nima ;   McMurtry, M. Sean ;   Finegan, Barry A. ;   Hahn, Jin-Oh

Tags Cardiovascular modelsCardiovascular system modelingCardiovascular signal processing

This paper presents a minimally invasive method for quantifying blood pressure wave reflection using peripheral blood pressure waveforms. The...

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Nonlinear Dependence of Pulse Pressure on Stroke Volume During Blood Volume Perturbation

Bighamian, Ramin ;   Hahn, Jin-Oh

Tags Cardiac modelingArterial pressureCardiovascular signal processing

The goal of this study was to elucidate how arterial pulse pressure and stroke volume respond to a perturbation in the left ventricular...

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Phase Singularity Dynamics in Cardiac Arrhythmias Are Sensitive to Signal Conditioning in Multiple Domains

Gutbrod, Sarah ;   Meillet, Valentin ;   Dubois, Rémi ;   Bernus, Olivier ;   Efimov, Igor

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingAtrial arrhythmias and ablation

Phase singularity tracking techniques have become a critical method of characterizing arrhythmia substrates in the temporal and spatial...

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Preliminary Results on Quantification of Seismocardiogram Morphological Changes, Using Principal Component Analysis

Zakeri, Vahid ;   Tavakolian, Kouhyar ;   Arzanpour, Kouhyar ;   Zanetti, John M. ;   Dumont, Guy ;   Akhbardeh, Alireza

Tags Cardiovascular signal processing

A methodology, based on principal component analysis, is proposed to quantify beat to beat Seismocardiogram changes. The proposed method was...

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Seismocardiography-Based Detection of Cardiac Quiescence for Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography

Wick, Carson ;   McClellan, James ;   Inan, Omer ;   Tridandapani, Srini

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingCoronary artery disease

As a measure of chest wall acceleration caused by cardiac motion, the seismocardiogram (SCG) has the potential to supplement the...

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Standing Ballistocardiography Measurements in Microgravity

McCall, Corey ;   Stuart, Zachary ;   Wiard, Richard M. ;   Inan, Omer ;   Giovangrandi, Laurent ;   Cuttino, Charles M. ;   Kovacs, Gregory T.A.

Tags HemodynamicsCardiovascular signal processing

The performance and practicality of a scale-based ballistocardiogram (BCG) system for hemodynamic monitoring of astronauts on extended...

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Sternal Pulse Rate Variability Compared with Heart Rate Variability on Healthy Subjects

Chreiteh, Shadi ;   Belhage, Bo ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Branebjerg, Jens ;   Thomsen, Erik V

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingHRV and blood pressure monitoringTime-frequency, time-scale analysis of cardiovascular variability

The heart rate variability (HRV) is a commonly used method to quantify the sympathetic and the parasympathetic modulation of the heart...

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Temporal Trends of Neuro-Autonomic Complexity During Severe Episodes of Bipolar Disorders

Nardelli, Mimma ;   Valenza, Gaetano ;   Gentili, Claudio ;   Lanata', Antonio ;   Scilingo, Enzo Pasquale

Tags Complexity in cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory signalsCardiovascular signal processingAutonomic nervous system

Bipolar disorder is a chronic psychiatric condition during which patients experience mood swings among depression, hypomania or mania, mixed...

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The Matching of Sinus Arrhythmia to Respiration: Are Trauma Patients without Serious Injury Comparable to Healthy Laboratory Subjects?

Chen, Xiaoxiao ;   Reisner, Andrew ;   Chen, Liangyou ;   Edla, Shwetha ;   Reifman, Jaques

Tags Heart rate variabilityAutonomic nervous systemCardiovascular signal processing

We sought to better understand the physiology underlying the metrics of heart rate variability (HRV) in trauma patients without serious...

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Three Dimensional Ballistocardiogram and Seismocardiogram: What Do They Have in Common?

Migeotte, Pierre-François ;   Lejeune, Laurent ;   Delière, Quentin ;   Caiani, Enrico ;   Casellato, Claudia ;   Tank, Jens ;   Funtova, Irina I. ;   Baevsky, Roman M. ;   Prisk, Gordon Kim ;   Van de Borne, Philippe

Tags Cardiovascular signal processing

3D-body accelerations, i.e. Ballistocardiograms (BCG) and Seismocardiograms (SCG), ECG and Impedance-cardiograms (ICG) were recorded on...

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Time-Domain Lossy Transmission Line Modeling of Arterial Tree

Abdollahzade, Majid ;   Kim, Chang-Sei ;   Fazeli, Nima ;   Hahn, Jin-Oh ;   McMurtry, M. Sean ;   Finegan, Barry A.

Tags Cardiovascular modelsCardiovascular system modelingCardiovascular signal processing

In this paper, we present a data-driven method to lossy tube-load modeling of arterial tree in time domain. Using the experimental data...

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Tracking Clinical Status for Heart Failure Patients Using Ballistocardiography and Electrocardiography Signal Features

Etemadi, Mozziyar ;   Hersek, Sinan ;   Tseng, Jocelyn ;   Rabbani, Naveed ;   Heller, James Alexander ;   Roy, Shuvo ;   Klein, Liviu ;   Inan, Omer

Tags Heart failureHemodynamicsCardiovascular signal processing

Heart failure (HF) is an escalating public health problem, with few effective methods for home monitoring. In hospitalized HF patients,...

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Variation of Radial Pulse Wave Contour Influenced by Contact Pressure

He, Dianning ;   Zheng, Li ;   Liu, Jia ;   Geng, Ning ;   Xu, Lisheng ;   Guan, Dejun

Tags Cardiovascular signal processingTime-frequency, time-scale analysis of cardiovascular variabilityBlood flow

In this paper, the pulse waveforms of the same subjects in the various contact pressures were measured. Then, the feature points of the...

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Wearable Ballistocardiography: Preliminary Methods for Mapping Surface Vibration Measurements to Whole Body Forces

Wiens, Andrew ;   Etemadi, Mozziyar ;   Klein, Liviu ;   Roy, Shuvo ;   Inan, Omer

Tags HemodynamicsCardiovascular flow and hemodynamicsCardiovascular signal processing

The recent resurgence of ballistocardiogram (BCG) measurement and interpretation technologies has led to a wide range of powerful tools...

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Wearable Seismocardiography for the Beat-To-Beat Assessment of Cardiac Intervals During Sleep

Di Rienzo, Marco ;   Vaini, Emanuele ;   Castiglioni, Paolo ;   Lombardi, Prospero ;   Parati, Gianfranco ;   Lombardi, Carolina ;   Meriggi, Paolo ;   Rizzo, Francesco

Tags Cardiac muscle mechanicsAutonomic nervous systemCardiovascular signal processing

Seismocardiogram (SCG) can be detected during sleep by a textile-based wearable system. This pilot study preliminarily explores the feasibility...

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