A Teledentistry System for the Second Opinion

Gambino, Orazio ;   Ardizzone, Edoardo ;   Pirrone, Roberto ;   Campisi, Giuseppina ;   Di Fede, Olga ;   Lima, Fausto

Tags TelemedicineTelehealthLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiology

In this paper we present a Teledentistry system aimed to the Second Opinion task. It make use of a particular camera called intra-oral...

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An Integrated Model for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Mobile Diabetes Self-Management System

Alanzi, Turki ;   Istepanian, Robert ;   Philip, Nada

Tags Health information systemsTelemedicineMobile health

There is increasing clinical evidence that behavioural change theories can help diabetic patients with their diabetic management in providing...

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Application of Telemedicine to Support in Prenatal Care

Jomar Ferreira dos, Santos ;   Hitalo Emanoel Gondim Bezerra de, Medeiros ;   Gláucia Regina Medeiros Azambuja, Sizilio ;   Ribeiro Neto, Pedro Fernandes ;   G. Guerreiro, Ana Maria ;   Maia, Cicilia ;   Bezerra Soares, Heliana ;   Fernandes Diógenes, Isabelle Cantídio

Tags TelemedicineHealth information systemsMobile health

The pregnancy care is of fundamental importance for the prevention of possible complications during delivery or even to prevent the child is...

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Combination of Watermarking and Joint Watermarking-Decryption for Reliability Control and Traceability of Medical Images

Bouslimi, Dalel ;   Coatrieux, Gouenou ;   Cozic, Michel ;   Roux, Christian

Tags TelemedicineTelehealthHealth information systems

In this paper, we propose a novel crypto-watermarking system for the purpose of verifying the reliability of images and tracing them, i.e....

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Comparative Performance Investigation of DICOM C-STORE and DICOM HTTP-Based Requests

Morvan, Yannick ;   Le Maitre, Amandine ;   Fernando, Jude ;   Mevel, Gilles ;   Cordonnier, Emmanuel

Tags Health information systemsTelemedicineHealth information system interoperability

Increasingly, physicians have to access clinical images distributed over multiple healthcare organizations. To this end, two DICOM protocols may...

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Distance Bounded Energy Detecting Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Secure Protocol

Hedin, Daniel ;   Kollmann, Daniel ;   Gibson, Paul ;   Riehle, Timothy H ;   Seifert, Gregory John

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsBody sensor networksTelemedicine

We present a demonstration of a novel protocol for secure transmissions on a Ultra-wideband impulse radio that includes distance bounding....

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Effective, Real-Time Ultrasound Video Communications Over HSPA Networks Using Despeckle Filtering

Panayides, Andreas ;   Pattichis, Marios ;   Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos ;   Spanias, Andreas ;   Constantinides, Anthony G. ;   Pattichis, Constantinos

Tags TelemedicineMobile healthTelehealth

The paper presents an effective video communications system that uses despeckle filtering prior to real-time transmission. The system is...

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Empowering Patients to Perform Physical Therapy at Home

Gonzalez-Franco, Mar ;   Gilroy, Scott Jonathan ;   Moore, John

Tags Personal health systemsMobile healthTelemedicine

In this paper we address the problem of patient adherence to physical therapy using a sensor-enabled virtual reality gaming interface that...

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Highly Wearable Galvanic Skin Response Sensor Using Flexible and Conductive Polymer Foam

Kim, Jeehoon ;   Kwon, Sungjun ;   Seo, Sangwon ;   Park, Kwang S.

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsTelemedicineHealth information systems

Owing to advancements in daily physiological monitoring technology, diverse healthcare applications have emerged recently. The monitoring of...

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KINOPTIM: Designing a Tele-Rehabilitation Gaming Platform for Fall Prevention in the Elderly Community

Barelle, Caroline ;   Tsirmpas, Charalampos ;   Ibanez, Francisco ;   Vellidou, Eleftheria ;   Tagaris, Anastassios ;   Koutsouri, Georgia ;   Koutsouris, Dimitrios

Tags TelemedicinePersonalised healthTelehealth

As our society is ageing and the elderly face loss of autonomy due to falls, rehabilitation and fall prevention in seniors has become a global...

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Monitoring Activities of Daily Living Based on Wearable Wireless Body Sensor Network

Kantoch, Eliasz ;   Augustyniak, Piotr ;   Markiewicz, Michal ;   Prusak, Daniel

Tags Body sensor networksTelemedicineWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

With recent advances in microprocessor chip technology, wireless communication, and biomedical engineering it is possible to develop miniaturized...

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Remote, Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Vital Signs of Neonatal Graduate Infants

Greer, Robert William ;   Olivier, Christopher ;   Pugh, James Edward ;   Eklund, J. Mikael ;   McGregor, Carolyn

Tags TelemedicineDecision support methods and systemsHealth information systems

This paper presents a system for the remote monitoring of a newborn infant physiological data. By providing a simple means for parents to...

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Telehealth on Heart Failure: Preliminary Results of the Recap Project

Varon, Carolina ;   Alao, Morenikeji ;   Minter, Jan ;   Stapleton, Michelle ;   Thomson, Stuart ;   Jaecques, Siegfried ;   Brunner-La Rocca, Hans-Peter ;   Van Huffel, Sabine

Tags TelehealthTelemedicineKnowledge discovery and management

The effect of telehealth on physiological parameters like blood pressure and pulse in patients suffering from heart failure (HF) is...

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Telemonitoring in Heart Failure Patients with Clinical Decision Support to Optimize Medication Doses Based on Guidelines

Kropf, Martin ;   Modre, Robert ;   Hayn, Dieter ;   Fruhwald, Friedrich ;   Schreier, Guenter

Tags Decision support methods and systemsComputer-aided decision makingTelemedicine

The European Society of Cardiology guidelines for heart failure management are based on strong evidence that adherence to optimal medication...

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The Potential of M-Health Systems for Diabetes Management in Post Conflict Regions A Case Study from Iraq

Istepanian, Robert ;   Alanzi, Turki

Tags Mobile healthEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryTelemedicine

The recent developments of m-health technologies particularly in the developing world are increasing sharply due to the importance and...

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The Study on a Real-Time Remote Monitoring System for Parkinson's Disease Patients with Deep Brain Stimulators

Chen, Yue ;   Hao, Hongwei ;   Chen, Hao ;   Tian, Ye ;   Li, Luming

Tags TelemedicineEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryTechnology and services for home care

The Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has become a well-accepted treatment for Parkinson's disease patients around the world. However,...

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