A Low Complexity On-Chip ECG Data Compression Methodology Targeting Remote Health-Care Applications

Joseph, Bastin ;   Acharyya, Amit ;   P, Rajalakshmi

Tags Technology and services for home careTelehealthPersonalised health

In this paper, we propose a novel low complexity on-chip ECG data compression methodology targeting remote health-care applications. This is...

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A Low-Power Fall Detection Algorithm Based on Triaxial Acceleration and Barometric Pressure

Wang, Changhong ;   Narayanan, Michael Ravi ;   Lord, Stephen ;   Redmond, Stephen James ;   Lovell, Nigel H.

Tags Mobile and wearable technologies for elderlyTechnology and services for assisted-livingTelehealth

This paper proposes a low-power fall detection algorithm based on triaxial accelerometry and barometric pressure signals. The algorithm...

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A Teledentistry System for the Second Opinion

Gambino, Orazio ;   Ardizzone, Edoardo ;   Pirrone, Roberto ;   Campisi, Giuseppina ;   Di Fede, Olga ;   Lima, Fausto

Tags TelemedicineTelehealthLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiology

In this paper we present a Teledentistry system aimed to the Second Opinion task. It make use of a particular camera called intra-oral...

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Achieving Clinical Quality from Wireless Sensors

Charlton, Peter ;   Bonnici, Timothy ;   Clifton, David ;   Tarassenko, Lionel ;   Watkinson, Peter J. ;   Beale, Richard

Tags Mobile healthWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsTelehealth

Wireless sensors may aid detection of clinical deteriorations in hospital patients. Whilst acknowledging the challenges associated with...

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Analyzing Center of Pressure Progression During Bed Exits

Ren, Zhaofen ;   Grant, Theresa ;   Goubran, Rafik A. ;   El-Tanany, Mohamed ;   Knoefel, Frank-Dietrich ;   Sveistrup, Heidi ;   Bilodeau, Martin ;   Jutai, Jeffrey

Tags Data miningSmart home technologyTelehealth

This paper presents a new approach for analyzing center of pressure (COP) progression using pressure data collected from a...

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Combination of Watermarking and Joint Watermarking-Decryption for Reliability Control and Traceability of Medical Images

Bouslimi, Dalel ;   Coatrieux, Gouenou ;   Cozic, Michel ;   Roux, Christian

Tags TelemedicineTelehealthHealth information systems

In this paper, we propose a novel crypto-watermarking system for the purpose of verifying the reliability of images and tracing them, i.e....

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Comparative Study of T-Amplitude Features for Fitness Monitoring Using the Epatch ECG Recorder

Thorpe, Julia Rosemary ;   Saida, Trine Gro ;   Mehlsen, Jesper ;   Mehlsen, Anne-Birgitte ;   Langberg, Henning ;   Hoppe, Karsten ;   Sorensen, Helge B D

Tags Technology and services for home careBody sensor networksTelehealth

This study investigates ECG features, focusing on T-wave amplitude, from a wearable ECG device as a potential method for fitness monitoring...

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Development and Usability of a Personalized Sensor-Based System for Pervasive Healthcare

Triantafyllidis, Andreas ;   Koutkias, Vassilis ;   Chouvarda, Ioanna ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos

Tags Mobile healthPersonalised healthTelehealth

Although a plethora of remote health monitoring systems have been proposed for chronic conditions, the challenge posed by the changing...

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Effective, Real-Time Ultrasound Video Communications Over HSPA Networks Using Despeckle Filtering

Panayides, Andreas ;   Pattichis, Marios ;   Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos ;   Spanias, Andreas ;   Constantinides, Anthony G. ;   Pattichis, Constantinos

Tags TelemedicineMobile healthTelehealth

The paper presents an effective video communications system that uses despeckle filtering prior to real-time transmission. The system is...

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IBEST: Intelligent Balance Assessment and Stability Training System Using Smartphone

Phyo Wai, Aung Aung ;   Pham, Duy Duc ;   Chan, Syin ;   Zhang, Haihong

Tags Mobile and wearable technologies for elderlyPersonal health systemsTelehealth

Patients with postural instability due to balance disorders could lead to falls and injuries while walking. So those patients need regular...

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Interactive Telemedicine Solution Based on a Secure mHealth Application

Eldeib, Ayman M.

Tags Mobile healthTelehealtheHealth

In dynamic healthcare environments, caregivers and patients are constantly moving. To increase the healthcare quality when it is necessary,...

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KINOPTIM: Designing a Tele-Rehabilitation Gaming Platform for Fall Prevention in the Elderly Community

Barelle, Caroline ;   Tsirmpas, Charalampos ;   Ibanez, Francisco ;   Vellidou, Eleftheria ;   Tagaris, Anastassios ;   Koutsouri, Georgia ;   Koutsouris, Dimitrios

Tags TelemedicinePersonalised healthTelehealth

As our society is ageing and the elderly face loss of autonomy due to falls, rehabilitation and fall prevention in seniors has become a global...

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Measuring In-Home Walking Speed Using Wall-Mounted RF Transceiver Arrays

Jacobs, Peter G. ;   Wan, Eric ;   Schafermeyer, Erich ;   Adenwala, Fatema ;   Paul, Anindya S ;   Kaye, Jeffrey A. ;   Nicholas, Preiser

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsTelehealthSmart home technology

In this paper we present a new method for passively measuring walking speed using a small array of radio transceivers positioned on the walls...

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New Mobile Technologies and Visual Acuity

Livingstone, Iain ;   Tarbert, Claire Margaret

Tags Mobile healthTelehealthEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

Mobile devices have shown promise in visual assessment. Traditional acuity measurement involves retro-illuminated charts or card-based...

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Proposal of a KinectTM-Based System for Gait Assessment and Rehabilitation in Parkinson's Disease

Cancela, Jorge ;   Arredondo, MarĂ­a Teresa ;   Hurtado, Olivia

Tags Mobile and wearable technologies for elderlyLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiologyTelehealth

It has been proved that audio and visual cueing can improve the motor performance of Parkinson's disease patients. Specially, gait can benefit...

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Remote Health Monitoring: Predicting Outcome Success Based on Contextual Features for Cardiovascular Disease

Alshurafa, Nabil ;   Eastwood, Jo-Ann ;   Pourhomayoun, Mohammad ;   Liu, Jason Jun Hing ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags TelehealthPersonal health systemsDecision support methods and systems

Current studies have produced a plethora of remote health monitoring (RHM) systems designed to enhance the care of patients with chronic...

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Telehealth on Heart Failure: Preliminary Results of the Recap Project

Varon, Carolina ;   Alao, Morenikeji ;   Minter, Jan ;   Stapleton, Michelle ;   Thomson, Stuart ;   Jaecques, Siegfried ;   Brunner-La Rocca, Hans-Peter ;   Van Huffel, Sabine

Tags TelehealthTelemedicineKnowledge discovery and management

The effect of telehealth on physiological parameters like blood pressure and pulse in patients suffering from heart failure (HF) is...

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The Computer Mouse As Health Monitoring Tool Aimed to Alleviate the Negative Impact of Missed Appointments

Bhattacharjee, Priyankar

Tags Emerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryPersonal/consumer health informaticsTelehealth

Missed appointments or patient no shows cause the government a lot of money in the form of financial losses each year, and is responsible...

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The Design and Evaluation of an Activity Monitoring User Interface for People with Stroke

Hart, Phil ;   Bierwirth, Rebekah ;   Fulk, George ;   Sazonov, Edward

Tags TelehealthPersonal health systemsTechnology and services for home care

Usability is an important topic in the field of telerehabilitation research. Older users with disabilities in particular, present age-related and...

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Validation of the Kinect for Gait Analysis Using the GAITRite Walkway

Baldewijns, Greet ;   Verheyden, Geert ;   Vanrumste, Bart ;   Croonenborghs, Tom

Tags TelehealthWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemseHealth

Accurate, non-intrusive and straightforward techniques for gait quality analysis can provide important information concerning the fall risk of...

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