An Interoperable Pillbox System for Smart Medication Adherence

Li, Jiajia ;   Peplinski, Shaun ;   Mostafa-Nia, Sarah ;   Farajidavar, Aydin

Tags Health information system interoperabilityMobile and wearable technologies for elderlyTechnology and services for assisted-living

We have designed and fabricated an interoperable system for medication adherence. The system is composed of a pillbox that wirelessly...

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An Open Platform to Support Home Healthcare Services Using Interactive TV

Rivas, Carlos ;   Anido, Luis ;   Fernandez Iglesias, Manuel Jose

Tags Smart home technologyTechnology and services for home careHealth information system interoperability

This paper presents an open platform to support the development and deployment of healthcare services at home using the TV as the main...

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Comparative Performance Investigation of DICOM C-STORE and DICOM HTTP-Based Requests

Morvan, Yannick ;   Le Maitre, Amandine ;   Fernando, Jude ;   Mevel, Gilles ;   Cordonnier, Emmanuel

Tags Health information systemsTelemedicineHealth information system interoperability

Increasingly, physicians have to access clinical images distributed over multiple healthcare organizations. To this end, two DICOM protocols may...

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Interoperability of Wearable Cuffless BP Measuring Devices

Liu, Jing ;   Zhang, Yuan-Ting

Tags Health information system interoperability

While a traditional cuff-based Blood Pressure (BP) measuring device can only take a snap shot of BP, real-time and continuous measurement of...

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Propagation of Patient Data from IT Systems to Medical Devices

Andersen, Bj√∂rn ;   Kock, Ann-Kristin ;   Wrage, Jan-Hinrich ;   Ingenerf, Josef

Tags Health information system interoperabilityeHealth

There are many efforts to interconnect medical devices, but integrating healthcare information systems (HIS) remains a problem. This work...

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Proposal of a Novel Remote Command & Control Configuration Extension for Interoperable Personal Health Devices (PHD) Based on ISO/IEEE11073 Standard

Barron Gonzalez, Hector Gilberto ;   Martinez-Espronceda, Miguel ;   Trigo, Jesus Daniel ;   Led, Santiago ;   Serrano, Luis

Tags Personal health systemsMobile healthHealth information system interoperability

New use cases to extend the interoperability standard ISO/IEEE11073 (X73) were found during the development of recent specializations. These...

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Sharing Vital Signs between Mobile Phone Applications

Karlen, Walter ;   Dumont, Guy ;   Scheffer, Cornie

Tags Health information system interoperabilityMobile healthPersonal/consumer health informatics

We propose a communication library, ShareVitalSigns, for the standardized exchange of vital sign information between health applications...

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Supporting in and Off-Hospital Patient Clinical Information Exchange Using Semantically Annotated Web Services

Botsivaly, Maria ;   Tzavaras, Aris ;   Spyropoulos, Basile

Tags Health information system interoperabilityeHealth

It is the purpose of this paper to present the research and development approach of a semantic web based system appropriately designed to...

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