A Low-Power Current-Reuse Dual-Band Analog Front-End for Multi-Channel Neural Signal Recording

Gosselin, Benoit ;   Sepehrian, Hassan

Tags Implantable systemsIntegrated sensor systemsPhysiological monitoring

Thoroughly studying the brain activity of freely moving subjects requires miniature data acquisition systems to measure and wirelessly...

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A Piezoelectric Energy-Harvesting Shoe System for Podiatric Sensing

Meier, Rich ;   Almog, Omri ;   Kelly, Nicholas ;   Chiang, Patrick

Tags Wearable systemsIntegrated sensor systemsLow power, wireless sensing methods

This paper provides an energy-harvesting, shoe-mounted system for medical sensing using piezoelectric transducers for generating power. The...

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A Portable Heat Flux Sensor

Noury, Norbert ;   Gehin, Claudine ;   Poujaud, Julien ;   Cousin, Pierre

Tags Thermal sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systemsWearable systems

Nowadays monitoring physiological signals in real situations is essential to get the best diagnosis on patients. In this study we focus on the...

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A Self-Powered 2-Dimensional Motion Detection Chip

Lu, Zhijian ;   Cheung, Kwanlung ;   Luo, Tao ;   Song, Hongjiang ;   Blain Christen, Jennifer

Tags Optical and photonic sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systemsBiolelectric sensors and sensor systems

We demonstrate a self-powered chip to detect motion which enables constant, non-invasive monitoring. The chip was implemented in a standard...

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A Smart Homecage System with 3D Tracking for Long-Term Behavioral Experiments

Lee, Byunghun ;   Kiani, Mehdi ;   Ghovanloo, Maysam

Tags Integrated sensor systemsPhysiological monitoringImplantable systems

A wirelessly-powered homecage system, called the EnerCage-HC, that is equipped with multi-coil wireless power transfer, closed-loop power...

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An Integrated Passive-Flow Microfluidic Biosensor with Organic Photodiodes for Ultra-Sensitive Pathogen Detection in Water

Pires, Nuno M.M. ;   Dong, Tao

Tags Micro- and nano-sensorsIntegrated sensor systemsChemo/bio-sensing techniques

This work reports on integrated passive-flow optical microfluidic devices to detect waterborne pathogens in the field. Ring-shaped organic...

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Application of Wireless Inertial Measurement Units and EMG Sensors for Studying Deglutition - Preliminary Results

Imtiaz, Usama ;   Yamamura, Kensuke ;   Kong, Weisheng ;   Sessa, Salvatore ;   Lin, Zhuohua ;   Bartolomeo, Luca ;   Ishii, Hiroyuki ;   Zecca, Massimiliano ;   Yamada, Yoshiaki ;   Takanishi, Atsuo

Tags Physiological monitoringIntegrated sensor systemsWireless sensors and systems

Different types of sensors are being used to study deglutition and mastication. These often suffer from problems related to portability,...

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Development of Wearable Sensors for Tailored Patient Wound Care

Milne, Stephen ;   Connolly, Patricia ;   Al Hamad, Hanadi ;   Seoudi, Ihab

Tags Integrated sensor systemsPhysiological monitoringWearable systems

In recent years a specialist interest has developed worldwide in advanced wound management for difficult to heal chronic wounds. Further...

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Drowsiness Detection System for Vehicle Drivers

Matsunaga, Raphael ;   dos Santos, Icaro ;   Takahashi, Matheus Kazuhiro

Tags Physiological monitoringIntegrated sensor systemsPortable miniaturized systems

One of the most common facts that causes traffic accidents is the drowsiness state of the conductors. Because of that, we developed a...

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High Throughput Single-Ion-Channel Array Microsystem with CMOS Instrumentation

Liu, Xiaowen ;   Li, Lin ;   Mason, Andrew

Tags Biological sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systemsMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

Ion channels play critical roles in transporting chemical species into and out of cells. Ion channels are also targets for drug discovery and...

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Implementation of a Simple Smart House System Composed of a Smartphone, a Simple Brain-Computer Interface, Near Field Communication, and a Gesture Sensor Using ECHONET Lite

Horie, Ryota ;   Kawai, Nobuki ;   Saeki, Shunichi ;   Yang, JiaChen

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsWireless sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systems

In this paper, we proposed and reported implementation of a simple smart house system as a life support system composed of a simple...

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Integration of Smartphones and Webcam for the Measure of Spatio-Temporal Gait Parameters

Barone, Vinicio ;   Maranesi, Elvira ;   Fioretti, Sandro

Tags Integrated sensor systemsWireless sensors and systems

A very low cost prototype has been made for the spatial and temporal analysis of human movement using an integrated system of last...

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Measurement of Signal Use and Vehicle Turns As Indication of Driver Cognition

Wallace, Raymond Bruce ;   Goubran, Rafik A. ;   Knoefel, Frank-Dietrich

Tags Physiological monitoringNew sensing techniquesIntegrated sensor systems

This paper uses data analytics to provide a method for the measurement of a key driving task, turn signal usage as a measure of an...

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Mixed-Signal VLSI Independent Component Analyzer for Hearing Aid Applications

Li, Shuo ;   Stanacevic, Milutin

Tags Acoustic sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systems

We present a mixed-signal architecture for implementation of independent component analysis designed for the task of blind source separation...

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Multimodal Physiological Sensor for Motion Artefact Rejection

Goverdovsky, Valentin ;   Looney, David ;   Kidmose, Preben ;   Mandic, Danilo

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsIntegrated sensor systems

This work introduces a novel physiological sensor, which combines electrical and mechanical modalities in a co-located arrangement, to reject...

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Physiological Constraints for an Intraocular Inductive Distance Sensor

Doornaert, Dries ;   Glorieux, Christ ;   Puers, Robert ;   De Gersem, Herbert ;   Spileers, Werner ;   Blanckaert, Johan

Tags Implantable sensorsImplantable systemsIntegrated sensor systems

In this paper the design restrictions of an inductive sensor for an intraocular lens with focus control on the basis of a marker implanted in...

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Portable H1N1 Biosensor Using Aptamer-modified CNTFET

Kuo, Po-Hung ;   Lin, Tsung-Hsuan ;   Chen, Yu-Hao ;   Chang, Wen-Han ;   Huang, Jung-Tang ;   Lu, Shey-Shi

Tags Biolelectric sensors and sensor systemsIntegrated sensor systemsPortable miniaturized systems

This paper presents an innovative influenza virus detector that can detect the H1N1 virus. An aptamer-modified CNTFET (Carbon-nanotube field...

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Real-Time Processing of Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry (FSCV) Data Using a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

Bozorgzadeh, Bardia ;   Covey, Daniel ;   Heidenreich, Byron ;   Garris, Paul ;   Mohseni, Pedram

Tags Chemo/bio-sensing techniquesImplantable systemsIntegrated sensor systems

This paper reports the hardware implementation of a digital signal processing (DSP) unit for real-time processing of data obtained by...

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Sensors and Instrumentation for Unobtrusive Sleep Quality Assessment in Autistic Children

Prakash, Punit ;   Kuehl, Phillip ;   Mcwilliams, Brogan ;   Rubenthaler, Steve ;   Schnell, Emily ;   Singleton, Gary ;   Warren, Steve

Tags Physiological monitoringIntegrated sensor systems

Little is understood about the sleep quality of children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Conventional sensors and...

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Single Chip Interrogation System for a Smart Shoe Wireless Transponder

Sheibani, Shahrzad ;   Roshan, Meisam ;   Huang, Haiying ;   Banerjee, Bhaskar ;   Henderson, Rashaunda

Tags Wireless sensors and systemsIntegrated sensor systemsLow power, wireless sensing methods

The objective of this paper is to design a wireless transponder for antenna-based sensors that can be used to simultaneously measure shear...

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System-In-Package Solution for a Low-Power Active Electrode Module

Wang, Lei

Tags Portable miniaturized systemsIntegrated sensor systemsWearable systems

This paper presents the design of system in package for a low-power active electrode module. The main aim of this research is to provide a...

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Three-Dimensional Super-Wideband Micro-Antenna for High-Resolution Millimeter-Wave Medical Imaging

Mirbeik, Amir ;   Tavassoli, Vahid ;   Ayazi, Farrokh ;   Tavassolian, Negar

Tags Micro- and nano-technologyIntegrated sensor systemsMicro- and nano-sensors

This paper reports on a novel super-wideband micro-hemispherical antenna with application in millimeter-wave medical imaging. The antenna is...

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