"Avaris Net" Crisis and Emergency Management of Health Services

Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos ;   Kyprianou, Stelios ;   Christou, Synesios ;   Constantinou, Riana ;   Panayides, Andreas ;   Pattichis, Constantinos ;   Neofytou, Marios

Tags eHealthMobile healthHealth information systems

Management of Health Services during crisis or disasters is the major field of interest of this work. We had created a system that intent to...

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A Novel Trust Evaluation Method for Ubiquitous Healthcare Based on Cloud Computational Theory

Athanasiou, Georgia ;   Fengou, Maria-Anna ;   Beis, Antonios ;   Lymberopoulos, Dimitrios

Tags eHealthPersonal/consumer health informaticsHealth information systems

The notion of trust is considered to be the cornerstone on patient-psychiatrist relationship. Thus, a trustfully background is fundamental...

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A Real Time Study of the Human Equilibrium Using an Instrumented Insole with 3 Pressure Sensors

Abou Ghaida, Hussein ;   Mottet, Serge ;   Goujon, Jean-Marc

Tags Personal health systemseHealthTechnology and services for home care

The present work deals with the study of the human equilibrium using an ambulatory e-health system. One of the point on which we focus is...

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A Smartphone Based Ophthalmoscope

Giardini, Mario Ettore ;   Livingstone, Iain ;   Jordan, Stewart ;   Bolster, Nigel Magnus ;   Peto, Tunde ;   Burton, Matthew ;   Bastawrous, Andrew

Tags Mobile healthLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiologyeHealth

A low-cost alternative to the direct ophthalmoscope, a simple optical adapter for a smartphone, is described. It can overcome many of the...

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An Investigation into the Usability of the STAR Training and Re-Skilling Website for Carers of Persons with Dementia

Boyd, Kyle ;   Nugent, Chris ;   Donnelly, Mark ;   Bond, Raymond, Robert ;   Sterritt, Roy ;   Hartin, Phillip

Tags Technology and services for assisted-livingTechnology and services for home careeHealth

Due to the successes in medical science people are now beginning to live much longer. With this brings increased problems associated with...

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Assessment of Visual Impairment in Stroke Survivors

Tarbert, Claire Margaret ;   Livingstone, Iain ;   Weir, Alexander James

Tags Mobile healtheHealthMobile and wearable technologies for elderly

A novel, tablet-based application (app) has been developed to act as a screening tool for visual impairment in stroke survivors; The Stroke...

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Behavior Change Models for Health Coaching Interventions

Jimison, Holly ;   Korhonen, Ilkka ;   Saranummi, Niilo ;   Pavel, Misha

Tags Technology and services for home carePersonal health systemseHealth

Optimal health coaching interventions are tailored to individuals' needs, preferences, motivations, barriers, and readiness to change. Technology...

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Development of Android Apps for Cognitive Assessment of Dementia and Delirium

Weir, Alexander James ;   Paterson, Craig ;   Tieges, Zoe ;   MacLullich, Alasdair Maurice Joseph ;   Parra, Mario A ;   Della Sala, Sergio ;   Logie, Robert

Tags Mobile healtheHealth

The next generation of medical technology applications for hand-held portable platforms will provide a core change in performance and...

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DIABOOK: A Unified Collaborative Online System for the Management of Diabetes

Samineni, Anvesh ;   Murari, Bhaskar Mohan

Tags Health information systemsTechnology and services for home careeHealth

Management of diabetes is becoming a tedious task for patients due to busy schedules etc., and rapid increase in the number of diabetic...

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Elective Surgery Cancellations and Theatre Utilization

Thorburn, Hamish ;   Khanna, Sankalp ;   Boyle, Justin ;   Wilson, Richard ;   Steyn, Michael ;   Good, Norm

Tags eHealthDecision support methods and systemsHealth information systems

Reducing surgery cancellations is critical for improving hospital resource utilization and patient outcomes. In this study, we employ negative...

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Evaluation of Heart Rate As a Marker for Psychological Stress

Gandhi, Shreyans ;   Jain, Lakshya ;   Jain, Jawahar ;   Shojaei Baghini, Maryam ;   Mukherji, Soumyo

Tags Mobile healtheHealthPersonal/consumer health informatics

It has been shown that heart rate (HR) is proportional to and a marker for human stress. Numerous other studies have validated this fact,...

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Evaluation of the Performance of Open-Source RDBMS and Triplestores for Storing Medical Data Over a Web Service

Kilintzis, Vassilis ;   Beredimas, Nikolaos ;   Chouvarda, Ioanna

Tags eHealthElectronic health recordsHealth information systems

An integral part of a system that manages medical data is the persistent storage engine. For almost twenty five years Relational Database...

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Facilitating Medical Information Search Using Google Glass Connected to a Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval System

Widmer, Antoine ;   Schaer, Roger ;   Markonis, Dimitrios ;   Müller, Henning

Tags eHealthComputer-aided decision makingWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

Wearable computing devices are starting to change the way users interact with computers and the Internet. Among them, Google Glass includes...

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Flexing Bed Stock : A Hospital Capacity Management Case Study

Khanna, Sankalp ;   Boyle, Justin ;   Zeitz, Kathryn

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementeHealthEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare delivery

As hospitals struggle to meet rising demand for their services, efficient capacity management is critical to the success of their efforts. A...

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Interactive Telemedicine Solution Based on a Secure mHealth Application

Eldeib, Ayman M.

Tags Mobile healthTelehealtheHealth

In dynamic healthcare environments, caregivers and patients are constantly moving. To increase the healthcare quality when it is necessary,...

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Personalized Alerts for Patients with COPD Using Pulse Oximetry and Symptom Scores

Shah, Syed Ahmar ;   Velardo, Carmelo ;   Gibson, Oliver John ;   Rutter, Heather ;   Farmer, Andrew ;   Tarassenko, Lionel

Tags Decision support methods and systemsPersonalised healtheHealth

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a progressive chronic disease, predicted to become the third leading cause of death by 2030....

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Plantar pressure cartography reconstruction from 3 sensors

Abou Ghaida, Hussein ;   Mottet, Serge ;   Goujon, Jean-Marc

Tags Body sensor networkseHealthTechnology and services for home care

Foot problem diagnosis is often made by using pressure mapping systems, unfortunately located and used in the laboratories. In the context...

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Precise Prediction for Managing Chronic Disease Readmissions

Khanna, Sankalp ;   Boyle, Justin ;   Good, Norm

Tags Knowledge discovery and managementeHealthLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiology

Potentially preventable hospital readmissions have a crippling effect on the health of chronic disease patients and on healthcare funding and...

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Propagation of Patient Data from IT Systems to Medical Devices

Andersen, Björn ;   Kock, Ann-Kristin ;   Wrage, Jan-Hinrich ;   Ingenerf, Josef

Tags Health information system interoperabilityeHealth

There are many efforts to interconnect medical devices, but integrating healthcare information systems (HIS) remains a problem. This work...

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Supporting in and Off-Hospital Patient Clinical Information Exchange Using Semantically Annotated Web Services

Botsivaly, Maria ;   Tzavaras, Aris ;   Spyropoulos, Basile

Tags Health information system interoperabilityeHealth

It is the purpose of this paper to present the research and development approach of a semantic web based system appropriately designed to...

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USign - A Security Enhanced Electronic Consent Model

Li, Yanyan ;   Xie, Mengjun ;   Bian, Jiang

Tags eHealthMobile healthHealth information systems

Electronic consent becomes increasingly popular in the healthcare sector given the many benefits it provides. However, security concerns, e.g.,...

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Validation of the Kinect for Gait Analysis Using the GAITRite Walkway

Baldewijns, Greet ;   Verheyden, Geert ;   Vanrumste, Bart ;   Croonenborghs, Tom

Tags TelehealthWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemseHealth

Accurate, non-intrusive and straightforward techniques for gait quality analysis can provide important information concerning the fall risk of...

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WELCOME – Innovative Integrated Care Platform Using Wearable Sensing and Smart Cloud Computing for COPD Patients with Comorbidities

Chouvarda, Ioanna ;   Philip, Nada ;   Natsiavas, Pantelis ;   Kilintzis, Vassilis ;   Sobnath, Drishty ;   Kayyali, Reem ;   Henriques, Jorge ;   Paiva, Rui Pedro ;   Raptopoulos, Andreas ;   Chételat, Olivier ;   Maglaveras, Nikolaos

Tags eHealthPersonal health systemsDecision support methods and systems

We propose WELCOME, an innovative integrated care platform using wearable sensors and smart cloud computing for Chronic Obstructive...

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Wireless Platform and Cloud System for AVF Stenosis Monitoring

Huang, Yi-Chun ;   Huang, Yen-Ming ;   Hou, Jen-Cheng ;   Lee, Wen-Ting ;   Yeih, Dong-Feng ;   Chen, Ying-Hsien ;   Lin, Yen-Hung ;   Lu, Shey-Shi

Tags Mobile healtheHealthWireless/ubiquitous technologies and systems

In this study, a wireless platform and cloud system for arteriovenous fistula (AVF) stenosis monitoring is developed. The platform is a...

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