CMOS-Based High-Speed Nanopore Recording: Signals and Systems

Magierowski, Sebastian ;   Islam, Syed ;   Huang, Yiyun ;   Ghafar-Zadeh, Ebrahim

Tags DNA sensors

This paper considers the potential of CMOS-based nanopore measurement systems for high-speed molecular recording and DNA sequencing in...

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Development and Calibration of a Microfluidic Biofilm Growth Cell with Flow-Templating and Multi-Modal Characterization

Greener, Jesse

Tags Chemical and electrochemical sensors

We report the development of a microfluidic flow-templating platform with multi-modal characterization for studies of biofilms and their...

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Poly(3, 4-Ethylenedioxythiophene)/Graphene Oxide Composite Coating for Electrode-Tissue Interface

Tian, Hong-Chang ;   Liu, Jing-Quan ;   Kang, Xiao-Yang ;   Wei, Daixu ;   Zhang, Chuan ;   Du, Jingcheng ;   Yang, Bin ;   Chen, Xiang ;   Yang, Chunsheng

Tags Surface modification of biomaterialsStimuli-sensitive biomaterialsMicro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineering

Owing to interacting with the living tissue directly, the electrode-tissue interface largely determines the performance of the whole...

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Systematic Analysis of Microfluidic Probe Design and Operation

Gervais, Thomas ;   Safavieh, Mohammadali ;   Qasaimeh, Mohammad ;   Juncker, David

Tags Bio-MEMS and cell mechanicsMicro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineeringGradient biomaterials

Microfluidic probes are an emerging tool used in a wide range of applications including surface biopatterning, immunohistology, and cell migration...

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Toward On-Chip Functional Neuronal Networks: Computational Study on the Effect of Synaptic Connectivity on Neural Activity

Ghafar-Zadeh, Ebrahim

Tags Chemical and electrochemical sensors

This paper presents a new unified computationalexperimental approach to study neuronal networks (NNs). One of the main questions in...

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