Accelerated Mri Using Iterative Non-Local Shrinkage

Mohsin, Yasir Q ;   Ongie, Greg ;   Jacob, Mathews

Tags Image reconstruction - fast algorithmsImage denoisingIterative image reconstruction

We introduce a fast iterative non-local shrinkage algorithm to recover MRI data from undersampled Fourier measurements. This approach is...

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Exploiting Similarity in Adjacent Slices for Compressed Sensing MRI

Weizman, Lior ;   Rahamim, Ohad ;   Dekel, Roey ;   Eldar, Yonina ;   Ben Bashat, Dafna

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

Due to fundamental characteristics of MRI that limit scan speedup, sub-sampling techniques such as compressed sensing (CS) have been...

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Imaging and Localizing Interventional Devices by Susceptibility Mapping Using MRI

Dong, Ying ;   Chang, Zheng ;   Ji, Jim Xiuquan

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionInterventional MRI

MRI has been used in interventional procedures with brachytherapy seeds, biopsy needles, markers, and stents. However, the high susceptibility...

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R2* Mapping for Robust Brain Function Detection in the Presence of Magnetic Field Inhomogeneity

Ngo, Giang Chau ;   Sutton, Bradley P.

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionMR neuroimaging

T2* mapping or R2* mapping for brain function offers advantages such as providing quantitative measurements independent of the MRI...

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Self-Navigated Low-Rank MRI for MPIO-Labeled Immune Cell Imaging of the Heart

Christodoulou, Anthony ;   Wu, Yijen L. ;   Hitchens, T. Kevin ;   Ho, Chien ;   Liang, Zhi-Pei

Tags MRI pulse sequenceMR-specific image reconstruction

Super-paramagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) particles can magnetically label immune cells in circulation; the accumulation of labeled cells can then be...

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Undersampled Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Kernel Principle Component Analysis

Wang, Yanhua ;   Ying, Leslie

Tags Regularized image reconstructionIterative image reconstructionMR-specific image reconstruction

Compressed sensing (CS) is a promising approach to accelerate dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Most existing CS methods employ...

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