A Bayesian Approach to Super-Resolution of Multi-Modal MR Images

Sharma, Swati ;   MacDonald, John

Tags Regularized image reconstructionMultimodal imaging

Resolution enhancement is important for magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. Limited image resolution is often an impediment to better disease...

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A Computer Aided Diagnostic Screening Tool for Fetal Cardiac Chamber Detection Using Ultrasonic Cine-Loop Sequences

Natarajan, Sriraam ;   singh, aradhana ;   Ahmed, Namra Balqees ;   Rao, Nikhil ;   Bharadwaj, Satvika ;   S, Suresh

Tags Ultrasonic cardiac imagingDoppler ultrasonic imagingImage visualization

The growth of the fetal heart is measured by Ultrasonography during the first and early second trimesters of pregnancy. Abnormalities of...

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A Validation Method for Conductivity Imaging Using CDI

Elsaid, Nahla M H ;   Nachman, Adrian ;   Ma, Weijing ;   DeMonte, Tim P. ;   Joy, Michael L.G.

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniques

While for some impedance phantoms such as those used in current density impedance imaging (CDII) it is possible to compare CDII to direct...

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An Optical Data Link for Ø 360 µm Cardiovascular Imaging Guidewires

Stoute, Ronald ;   Louwerse, Marcus ;   Sharei, Hoda ;   van Rens, Jeannet ;   Henneken, Vincent ;   Dekker, Ronald

Tags Ultrasonic interventional imagingImage retrievalUltrasonic vascular imaging

A novel miniaturized optical data link concept is proposed to enable high speed data communication in 360 µm diameter cardiovascular...

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Analysis of the Impact of Intestinal Motility on the Speed Estimation of Video Capsule Endoscope

Mi, Liang ;   Bao, Guanqun ;   Pahlavan, Kaveh

Tags Functional image analysisVolume renderingImage visualization

Estimation of the speed of the video capsule endoscope (VCE) helps the physicians to locate the VCE in order to acquire the location of the...

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Anthropometry of 3D Facial Models from a New Zealand Population

Lopez Tabares, Leticia del Pilar ;   Gastélum Strozzi, Alfonso ;   Yuk Hin, Chan ;   Delmas, Patrice ;   Escorcia Hernández, Lilia ;   Marquez, Jorge Alberto

Tags Image visualizationMultivariate image analysisImage feature extraction

We describe a morphometrical analysis of 3D models of facial surfaces obtained with a structured light system. Twenty facial features were...

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Automatic Quantification and Classification of Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Human Mitotic Proteins

Cai, Yin ;   Hossain, M. Julius ;   Hériché, Jean-Karim ;   Koch, Birgit ;   Politi, Antonio ;   Mergenthaler, Julia ;   Nijmeijer, Bianca ;   Wachsmuth, Malte ;   Ellenberg, Jan

Tags Image classificationConfocal microscopyImage segmentation

Mitosis (cell division) is amongst the most fundamental process of life where a cell undergoes morphological transformations to distribute its...

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Classification and Monitoring of Activities of Daily Living Using a Wearable Ego-Centric Camera

Mousavi Hondori, Hossein ;   Khademi, Maryam ;   Rowe, Justin

Tags Functional image analysisImage classificationMultivariate image analysis

This paper presents a brief overview of our method for using an ego-centric wearable camera to monitor activities of daily living (ADL). We...

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Compressed Sensing Algorithm for X-Ray CT Image Reconstruction

Melli, Ali ;   Wahid, Khan A. ;   Babyn, Paul

Tags X-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)Image reconstruction - performance evaluationImage denoising

Computed Tomography (CT) is a radiation and time intensive procedure. Radiation dose is a function of the amount of data samples, hence we...

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Compressed Sensing MRA in the Human Fetus

Hamtaei, Ehsan ;   Neelavalli, Jaladhar ;   Jella, Pavan ;   Krishnamurthy, Uday ;   Yadav, Brijesh ;   Cabrera, Maria ;   Ehterami, Shadi ;   Hernandez, Edgar ;   Lami, Yeo ;   Mody, Swathi ;   Hassan, Sonia ;   Haacke, Mark ;   Romero, Robert

Tags Image reconstruction - performance evaluationMR angiographic imagingMR-specific image reconstruction

The potential and feasibility of fetal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been growing alongside current standard, ultrasonography. Avoiding...

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Current Density Imaging of Brain Stimulation Using DT-MREIT

Sajib, Saurav Z K ;   Jeong, Woo Chul ;   Kim, Hyung Joong ;   Oh, Tong In ;   Kwon, Ohin ;   Woo, Eung Je

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniquesElectrical source brain imagingElectrical source imaging techniques

This paper describe a new current density imaging method. We acquire DT-MRI images without current injection. Unlike conventional MREIT using...

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Detecting Novel Signal in Sparse MRI Using Wavelets and GMM

Singh, Vimal ;   Tewfik, Ahmed ;   Tadipatri, Vijay Aditya

Tags Image reconstruction - fast algorithmsIterative image reconstructionImage reconstruction - performance evaluation

Dictionary based sparse magnetic resonance imaging techniques achieve high speed gains at the risk of erroneous recovery of novel signal(s)...

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Detection of Cup Border Points for Glaucomatous Disc Analysis Using Constrained Local Model

Muramatsu, Chisako ;   Hatanaka, Yuji ;   Ishida, Kyoko ;   Sawada, Akira ;   Yamamoto, Tetsuya ;   Fujita, Hiroshi

Tags Retinal image analysis

Cup-to-disc ratio (CDR) is considered as one of indices for diagnosis of glaucoma. In this study, a new method for identification of cup...

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Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Phantom for Measuring the Stability of Functional Sequences

Franco, Alexandre Rosa ;   Capaverde, Alexandre da Silva ;   Marques da Silva, Ana Maria ;   Mazzola, Alessandro André

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIFunctional image analysisMR neuroimaging

Many different methods have been proposed to evaluate the quality of echo planar imaging (EPI) at magnetic resonance equipament (MRI),...

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Dynamic MRI Using Subspace Tensor Tracking

Mardani, Morteza ;   Ying, Leslie ;   Scutari, Gesualdo ;   Slavakis, Konstantinos ;   Giannakis, Georgios

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionIterative image reconstructionRegularized image reconstruction

A novel tensor model based on the PARAFAC decomposition is proposed to represent dynamic MR images. Based on this model, a novel algorithm is...

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Enhanced Live Cell Imaging Via Photonic Crystal Enhanced Fluorescence Microscopy

Chen, Weili ;   Long, Kenneth ;   Yu, Hojeong ;   Tan, Yafang ;   Choi, Ji Sun ;   Cunningham, Brian

Tags Fluorescence microscopyOptical imaging

We present photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence (PCEF) microscopy as a compelling platform for the enhanced fluorescence imaging of live...

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Evaluation of Neural Integrity after Spontaneous Reversible Ischemia Based on Novel µECoG Electrode Array in Rats

Liu, Yu-Hang ;   Tan, Stacey, Sze Hui ;   Ling, Ji Min ;   Kwon, Ki Yong ;   Bandla, Aishwarya ;   Li, Wen ;   King, Nicolas Kon Kam ;   Liao, Lun-De ;   Thakor, Nitish

Tags Optical neuroimagingOptical vascular imagingOptical imaging

A spontaneous reversible ischemic (SRI) photothrombotic model was proposed and established in rats, aiming to evaluate a condition similar to...

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Extended Field Iterative Reconstruction Technique for Correlated Noise Removal from 3D Tomographic Reconstructions

Mahmood, Faisal ;   Öfverstedt, Lars-Göran ;   Skoglund, Ulf

Tags Image denoisingImage enhancementIterative image reconstruction

This study presents an extended field based iterative reconstruction method which when used in combination with constrained maximum entropy...

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Fast Phosphorus MR Spectroscopic Imaging of Human Brain in Vivo Using Compressed Sensing at 3T

Yildirim, Muhammed ;   Hatay, Gokce Hale ;   Okeer, Emre ;   Nicolay, Klaas ;   Hakyemez, Bahattin ;   Ozturk-Isik, Esin

Tags MR spectroscopyMRI pulse sequenceImage reconstruction - fast algorithms

This study aims at acquiring and reconstructing compressed sensing accelerated phosphorus MR spectroscopic imaging (31P-MRSI) of human brain...

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FEM for MRI-Based Electrical Property Mapping

Huang, Shao Ying

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniquesMR-specific image reconstruction

In the paper, 1D finite element method (FEM) is applied for electrical property mapping of human tissues based on data from magnetic...

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Global DT-MRI Tractography Using Elastic Graphs

Ozon, Matthew ;   Robini, Marc ;   Zhu, Yuemin

Tags Cardiac imaging and image analysisImage feature extractionDiffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imaging

We propose an original method for global fiber tracking from diffusion tensor (DT) MRI data. The fibers, which represent elongated clusters...

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High-Frequency Magnetoacoustic Tomography with Magnetic Induction for Impedance Imaging

Yu, Kai ;   Mariappan, Leo ;   He, Bin

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniques

Magnetoacoustic tomography with magnetic induction (MAT-MI) is an imaging modality being developed for non-invasive reconstruction of tissue...

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High-Resolution MR Spectroscopic Imaging

Lam, Fan ;   Ma, Chao ;   Clifford, Bryan ;   Johnson, Curtis ;   Liang, Zhi-Pei

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionMR spectroscopyRegularized image reconstruction

In vivo applications of MR spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) have been limited by its low sensitivity, long acquisition time and poor spatial...

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Higher-Dimensional Meta-State Analysis of Resting Fmri Reveals Reduced 4D Spatiotemporal Spectral Dynamism in Schizophrenia

Miller, Robyn ;   Calhoun, Vince

Tags Brain image analysisFunctional image analysis

Recent investigations of the 4D spectrum of whole-brain resting fMRI have revealed stark differences in the spatiotemporal organization of...

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Incorporating Multiple Excitation Fields in MR Elastography

Anderson, Aaron ;   Johnson, Curtis ;   Holtrop, Joseph ;   Van Houten, Elijah ;   McGarry, Matthew ;   Paulsen, Keith ;   Sutton, Bradley P. ;   Georgiadis, John

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionIterative image reconstructionMR neuroimaging

Many cellular function changes in living tissue are reflected in the alteration of local mechanical properties. In vivo techniques, like magnetic...

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Inherent Radial Distances for Robust Hippocampal Atrophy Estimation in Alzheimer's Disease

Liu, Jundong ;   Hobbs, Kevin ;   Zhang, Pin

Tags MR neuroimagingBrain image analysisImage feature extraction

Accurate estimation of hippocampal changes is essential in identifying anatomical biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease (AD). In this paper, a...

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Motion Reduction: Free Breathing Liver MRI Using Kinect Camera

Chikop, Shivaprasad Ashok ;   Koulagi, Girish ;   Kumbara, Ankita Bhanumathi ;   Geethanath, Sairam

Tags Image denoisingImage enhancement

Motion in MRI can be attributed to two reasons: subject motion and motion of the internal organs due to respiration and function of the...

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Motion Tracking Algorithms for Fetal MRI: Comparative Study

Chikop, Shivaprasad Ashok ;   Koulagi, Girish ;   Kumbara, Ankita Bhanumathi ;   Geethanath, Sairam

Tags Image feature extractionImage reconstruction - performance evaluationMR-specific image reconstruction

Fetal motion in MRI causes image blurring and also leads to ghost artefacts. Artefacts distort the image quality and accuracy of volumetric...

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Multi-input Localized Electrical Property Mapping

Huang, Shao Ying

Tags Electrical impedance imaging techniquesMR-specific image reconstruction

Multiple-input localized electrical property mapping (MLEPM) is proposed where multiple B1-maps inputs and half phase assumption are needed....

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Multi-Scale Directional Vesselness Stamping Based Segmentation for Polyps from Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

Prasath, V. B. Surya ;   Pelapur, Rengarajan ;   Palaniappan, Kannappan

Tags Image segmentationMultiscale analysisImage feature extraction

Colonic polyps may be precursors to colon cancer and identifying malignant polyps is an important element of early detection. Computer aided...

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On-Line Monitoring of Cell Morphology Response During Harvesting

Viazzi, Stefano ;   Lambrechts, Toon ;   Papantoniou, Ioannis ;   Schrooten, Jan ;   Aerts, Jean-Marie

Tags Image feature extractionOptical imaging

On-line monitoring using microscopy is a non-invasive approach to measure cell responses to micro-environmental changes. This study aims at...

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Parallel Transmit Pulse Design Optimizing Using SOMGA

Chennagiri Rajarao, Padma ;   Prakash Potdar, Sneha ;   Geethanath, Sairam

Tags MRI pulse sequenceParallel MRI

Parallel transmit technology (pTX) in magnetic resonance imaging has resulted in improved control of transmission fields. Parallel transmission...

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Performance Evaluation of Focus Measure Operators for Blurry Endoscopic Image Detection

Wu, Chia-Hsiang ;   Chang, C. C. ;   Manousakas, Ioannis

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

Endoscopy is widely used for diagnosis and treatment in hospitals because it provides physicians and surgeons with a video of the inner...

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Precision of Scanning Position in Follow up Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy (SLO) Images

Dietzel, Alexander ;   Baumgarten, Daniel

Tags Optical coherence tomography

Multiple follow up examinations are state of the art in the monitoring of eye diseases, e.g. employing scanning laser ophthalmoscopy. Here...

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Quantitative Assessment of Phosphorus MR Spectroscopic Imaging Metrices of Brain Tumors in Vivo at 3T

Ozturk-Isik, Esin ;   Hatay, Gokce Hale ;   Okeer, Emre ;   Yildirim, Muhammed ;   Sak, Halis ;   Hakyemez, Bahattin

Tags MR spectroscopyBrain image analysisMultivariate image analysis

This study aims at defining metrices that can characterize how aggressive a brain tumor is based on the phosphorus MR spectroscopic imaging...

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Real-Time Flow MRI with Sparse Sampling

Zhao, Bo ;   Sun, Aiqi ;   Zhou, Zechen ;   Christodoulou, Anthony ;   Li, Rui ;   Yuan, Chun ;   Liang, Zhi-Pei

Tags MR-specific image reconstructionRegularized image reconstructionIterative image reconstruction

A new constrained reconstruction method is proposed for real-time phase-contrast flow MRI. The method is based on simultaneous low-rank and...

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Reduction of Zoom Blur for Endoscope Image Based on the Spectrum and the Cepstrum in Segmented Image Blocks

Otsuzumi, Kenshi ;   Ishihara, Yasutoshi

Tags Image enhancementImage segmentationImage filtering

Abstract- In order to diagnose disease accurately, endoscopes need to acquire clear images. However, zoom blur, which is difficult to restore...

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Region-Based Active Contour Model for Medical Image Segmentation: Field Estimation Via Signal Analysis

Dai, Shuanglu ;   Zhan, Shu

Tags Contrast-enhanced dynamic MRIInterventional MRI

In this paper, a signal analysis method is introduced instead of the traditional clustering calculation aiming at more comprehensive field...

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Registration of 3D Dental Scans by Gradient Projection Matching and Shape Index for Digital Impression

Wu, Chia-Hsiang ;   Hu, Po-Chi

Tags Rigid-body image registrationImage visualization

Intraoral scanning is a major development in orthodontic technology. With a 3D scanning device equipped inside the scanner probe, the dentist...

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Removal of the Nuisance Signals from 1H MRSI Data of the Brain

Ma, Chao ;   Lam, Fan ;   Johnson, Curtis ;   Liang, Zhi-Pei

Tags MR spectroscopyMR neuroimaging

Removal of nuisance signals (e.g., water and subcutaneous lipid signals) is a long-standing problem in 1H MRSI of the brain. This problem is even...

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Ricci Flow-Based Conformal Mapping in the Analysis of Proximal Femur Geometry

Narra, Nathaniel ;   Nikander, Riku ;   Sievänen, Harri ;   Hyttinen, Jari

Tags Image feature extractionDeformable image registration

This study presents the implementation of the Ricci flow based conformal mapping method and application on the proximal femur geometry. The...

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Semi-Automatic Normalized Entropy Characterization of Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer Via Spatio-Textural Tumour Classification

Khalvati, Farzad ;   Wong, Alexander ;   Bjarnason, Georg Arnold ;   Haider, Masoom

Tags Image classificationImage feature extraction

Normalized entropy is a strong predictor of patient survival rate for lung and renal cell cancers. In this work, we present a semi-automatic...

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Study of the Ischemic Penumbra Using Photoacoustic Microscopic Tissue Oxygenation Mapping and ECoG Recording

Ling, Ji Min ;   Bandla, Aishwarya ;   Liu, Yu-Hang ;   King, Nicolas Kon Kam ;   Chen, You-Yin ;   Liao, Lun-De ;   Thakor, Nitish

Tags Optical neuroimagingOptical vascular imagingOptical imaging

We present a novel photoacoustic (PA) microscopic tissue oxygenation mapping to study the evolution of three-dimensional (3D) penumbra...

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Study of the Retinal Vascular Changes in the Transition from Diabetic to Diabetic Retinopathy Eye

Leontidis, Georgios ;   Hunter, Andrew ;   Al-Diri, Bashir

Tags Retinal image analysisImage feature extraction

An attempt to investigate the vascular changes at the transition from R0 to R1 (non-retinopathy to first stage of retinopathy) is made in...

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Towards Lung Tumor Localization Via Tactile Image Fusion

Shamsil, Arefin ;   Escoto, Abelardo ;   Bhattad, Srikanth ;   Naish, Michael D. ;   Patel, Rajni

Tags Iterative image reconstructionImage segmentationMultimodal image fusion

Localized lung tumors are best treated via surgical resection when detected at an early stage. Minimally Invasive Intervention, performed...

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Tracking Algorithm of Lung Nodule and Mass and Its Clinical Potential

Lee, Woo Chan ;   Ko, Hoon ;   Yoon, Kwon-Ha ;   Lee, Jinseok

Tags Image classification

A nodule and mass are clinically important since it can be an early manifestation of lung cancer, which is the leading cause of death all over...

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Unfolding Cardiac Fibers by Dimensionality Reduction

Li, Hongying ;   Robini, Marc ;   Zhu, Yuemin

Tags Diffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingCardiac imaging and image analysis

Diffusion-tensor MRI allows noninvasive assessment of the myocardial fiber architecture, which is fundamental in understanding the mechanics...

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Unstained Cell Recognition for Targeted Microbeam Irradiation

Georgantzoglou, Antonios ;   Merchant, Michael ;   Jeynes, Jonathan C. G. ;   Wera, Anne-Catherine ;   Kirkby, Karen J. ;   Jena, Rajesh

Tags Optical imagingImage segmentationImage feature extraction

The Surrey Vertical Beam can provide information for single cell interaction with particle radiation by performing clonogenic survival assay. An...

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X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging of Hydrogels in Tissue without Contrast Agents

Appel, Alyssa ;   Larson, Jeffery ;   Zhong, Zhong ;   Anastasio, Mark ;   Opara, Emanuel ;   Brey, Eric

Tags Micro-CT

Hydrogels have shown promise for many tissue engineering applications; including as a method for cell encapsulation but are difficult to image...

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