Investigation of Electrical Stimulus on Chitosan Film Based DDS

Sahadat, Md Nazmus ;   Hoban, Alex ;   Morshed, Bashir ;   Haggard, Warren

Tags Cell specific deliveryStimuli-sensitive biomaterialsDrug/gene and carrier interactions

Controlled drug release is crucial for targeted implant smart drug delivery system (DDS). In this work a chitosan film loaded with green food...

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Phantom Materials Mimicking the Optical Properties in the Near Infrared Range for Non-Invasive Fetal Pulse Oximetry

Ley, Sebastian ;   Stadthalter, Miriam ;   Link, Dietmar ;   Laqua, Daniel ;   Husar, Peter

Tags Nature-inspired materialsMulti-scale materialsSelf-assembled biomaterials

An optical phantom of the maternal abdomen during pregnancy is an appropriate test environment to evaluate a non-invasive system for fetal...

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Tissue Strands As "Bioink" for Scale-Up Organ Printing

Yu, Yin ;   Ozbolat, Ibrahim

Tags BiofabricationSelf-assembled biomaterialsMicro-/nano-fabrication in tissue engineering

Organ printing, takes tissue spheroids as building blocks together with additive manufacturing technique to engineer tissue or organ...

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