A Frequency-Sensing Readout Using Piezoelectric Sensors for Sensing of Physiological Signals

Buxi, Dilpreet ;   Redouté, Jean-Michel ;   Yuce, Mehmet

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoring

Together with a charge or voltage amplifier, piezoelectric sensors are commonly used to pick up physiological vibrations from the body. As an...

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A Low Pull-In SU-8 Based Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer for Medical Imaging Applications

Joseph, Jose ;   Singh, Shiv Govind ;   Vanjari, Siva Rama Krishna

Tags Acoustic sensors and systems

In this paper we present a thorough analysis of a low pull-in voltage Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (CMUT) using SU-8 as the...

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Development of a Miniaturized Bioreactor for Neural Culture and Axon Stretch Growth

Xu, Qi ;   Chen, Fang ;   Wang, Yuanyuan ;   Li, Xiao ;   He, Jiping

Tags Mechanical sensors and systemsBioelectric sensing methodsPhysiological monitoring

In this paper, a miniaturized bioreactor for accelerating nerve growth is developed to investigate potentially bi-directional peripheral neural...

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Dielectrophoresis-Based Classification of Cells Using Multi-Target Multiple-Hypothesis Tracking

Dickerson, Samuel J. ;   Chiarulli, Donald ;   Levitan, Steven ;   Carthel, Craig ;   Coraluppi, Stefano

Tags New sensing techniquesBioelectric sensing methodsMicrototal analysis and lab-on-chip systems

In this paper we present a novel methodology for classifying cells by using a combination of dielectrophoresis, image tracking and...

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Geometric Decoupling of a Mouse Array Coil Using a Dual Plane Pair Design with Crisscrossed Return Paths and Custom Mounting Fixture

Chiang, Wen-Yang ;   McDougall, Mary

Tags Magnetic sensors and systems

An element design for receive array coils that decouples from the transmit coil without external active detuning is presented for magnetic...

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Magnetically Guided Micro-Droplet using Biological Magnetic Material for Smart Drug Delivery System

Oh, Darong ;   Lee, Suwon ;   Kim, JInhyuk ;   Choi, Hongsoo ;   Seo, Jong Mo ;   Koo, Kyoin

Tags Magnetic sensors and systemsBio-nano technologyMicrofluidic techniques, methods and systems

Biodegradable polymer droplet containing magnetosome demonstrates active propulsion by magnetic field. Magnetosome is extracted from...

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Modeling the Magnetic Disturbance of Pulsatile Blood Flow in a Static Magnetic Field

Atalla, Ashraf ;   Nagarkar, Kaustubh ;   Ashe, Jeffrey

Tags New sensing techniquesMagnetic sensors and systemsPhysiological monitoring

Non-invasive continuous monitoring of blood flow may be particularly valuable for early detection of different anomalies such as hypovolemia...

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Tongue-Supported Human-Computer Interaction Systems: A Review

Khan, Masood Mehmood ;   Sherazi, Hammad Iqbal ;   Quain, Rohan

Tags New sensing techniquesWearable systemsOptical and photonic sensors and systems

The tongue can substitute human sensory systems and has been used as a medium of input to help impaired patients communicate with the...

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