Design of a Portable Hydraulic Ankle-Foot Orthosis

Neubauer, Brett ;   Nath, Jonathan ;   Durfee, William

Tags Wearable robotic systems: orthoticsHardware and control developments in rehabilitation roboticsDesign and development of robots for human-robot interaction

Small-scale hydraulics is ideal for powered human assistive devices including powered ankle foot orthoses because a large torque can be...

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Multisensory Interface for 5D Stem Cell Image Volumes

Koerner, Michael ;   Wait, Eric ;   Winter, Mark ;   Bjornsson, Chris ;   Kokovay, Erzsebet ;   Wang, Yue ;   Goderie, Susan ;   Temple, Sally ;   Cohen, Andrew

Tags Haptic interfacesHuman machine interfaces and robotics applicationsTactile displays and perception

Biological imaging of live cell and tissue using 3D microscopy is able to capture time-lapse image sequences showing multiple molecular markers...

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Platform for the Study of Virtual Task-Oriented Motion and Its Evaluation by EEG and EMG Biopotentials

Figueroa Garcia, Ivan ;   Aguilar-Leal, Omar Alejandro ;   Hernandez-Reynoso, Ana ;   Madrigal, Jimena ;   Fuentes-Aguilar, Rita Q ;   Garcia-Gonzalez, Alejandro ;   Huegel, Joel Carlos

Tags Haptic interfaces

This paper presents a platform to study the relationship between upper limb kinematic and biopotential measurements. The platform comprises...

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