Brain Functional Networks Extraction Based on Fmri Artifact Removal: Single Subject and Group Approaches

Du, Yuhui ;   Allen, Elena ;   He, Hao ;   Sui, Jing ;   Calhoun, Vince

Tags Brain image analysisFunctional image analysisMultivariate image analysis

Independent component analysis (ICA) has been widely applied to identify brain functional networks from multiple-subject fMRI. However, the...

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Canonical Cerebellar Graph Wavelets and Their Application to fMRI Activation Mapping

Behjat, Hamid ;   Leonardi, Nora ;   Sornmo, Leif ;   Van De Ville, Dimitri

Tags Brain image analysisImage denoisingMultiscale analysis

Wavelet-based statistical parametric mapping (WSPM) is an extension of the classical approach in fMRI activation mapping that combines wavelet...

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Detection of Alzheimer Disease in MR Images Using Structure Tensor

Machireddy, Archana ;   Ramakrishnan, Swaminathan

Tags Brain image analysisImage feature extractionImage classification

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common progressive neurodegenerative disorder. Therefore, early detection and evaluation of prognosis of...

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Homology and Topology Based Metrics for Evaluating Cortical Parcellations Generated Using Diffusion Mri

Tungaraza, Rosalia ;   Mehta, Sonya ;   Grabowski, Thomas

Tags Brain image analysisDiffusion-tensor and diffusion-spectrum imagingMR neuroimaging

When using diffusion MRI for segmenting the cerebral cortex, the modality of information used and workflow procedural factors can have...

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Integration of Sparse Bayesian Learning and Random Subspace for Fmri Multivariate Pattern Analysis

Yan, Shulin ;   Yang, Xian ;   Wu, Chao ;   Guo, Yike

Tags Brain image analysisFunctional image analysisMultivariate image analysis

Multivariate Pattern Analysis (MVPA) is frequently used to decode cognitive states from brain activities in fMRI study. Due to the discrepancy...

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Localization of Deep Brain Stimulation Electrodes Via Metal Artifacts in CT Images

Motevakel, Amir ;   Medvedev, Alexander

Tags Brain image analysisX-ray imaging applications (breast, lung, abdominal, dental, thoracic, etc.)Image feature extraction

In Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), the location of implanted electrodes in the brain has direct influence on the therapeutic effect of the...

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Manifold Learning Based Registration Algorithms Applied to Multimodal Images

Azampour, Mohammad Farid ;   Ghaffari, Aboozar ;   Hamidinekoo, Azam ;   Fatemizadeh, Emad

Tags Brain image analysis

Manifold learning algorithms are proposed to be used in image processing based on their ability in preserving data structures while reducing...

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Multivariate Analysis of Structural MRI and PET (FDG and 18F-AV-45) for Alzheimer's Disease and Its Prodromal Stages

Zhou, Qi ;   Goryawala, Mohammed ;   Cabrerizo, Mercedes ;   Barker, Warren ;   Loewenstein, David ;   Duara, Ranjan ;   Adjouadi, Malek

Tags Brain image analysisMultivariate image analysisImage classification

A multivariate analysis method, orthogonal partial least squares to latent structures (OPLS), was used to discriminate Alzheimer's disease...

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Support Vector Machine with Nonlinear-Kernel Optimization for Lateralization of Epileptogenic Hippocampus in MR Images

Hosseini, Mohammad-Parsa ;   Nazem-Zadeh, Mohammad-Reza ;   Mahmoudi, Fariborz ;   Ying, Hao ;   Soltanian-Zadeh, Hamid

Tags Brain image analysisMR neuroimagingImage segmentation

Surgical treatment is suggested for seizure control in medically intractable epilepsy patients. Detailed pre-surgical evaluation and...

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