An Algorithm for Automatically Tracking Microtubules in Vivo

Stewman, Shannon ;   Ma, Ao

Tags Parameter estimationCell modeling

We present an algorithm to automatically track microtubules that uses robust curve matching and multi-frame consistency to accurately track...

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Exact Solution of Time-Evolving Probability Landscape from Chemical Master Equation without Gillespie or Fokker-Planck Approximation

Cao, Youfang ;   Terebus, Anna ;   Liang, Jie

Tags Modeling of biomolecular system dynamicsModeling of gene/epigene regulatory networksModeling of biomolecular system pathways

Genetic circuits that determines cellular phenotypes are often stochastic in nature. The discrete Chemical Master Equation (dCME) provides a...

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Extinction, Coexistence, and Localized Patterns of a Bacterial Population

Blanchard, Andrew ;   Celik, Venhar ;   Lu, Ting

Tags Biomechanics modelingMultiscale modelingCell modeling

Contact-dependent inhibition (CDI) has been recently revealed as an intriguing but ubiquitous mechanism for bacterial competition in which a...

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Multiscale Simulation of Wound Healing with Dynamics Cell Model with Embedded Gene Networks

Cao, Youfang ;   Zhao, Jieling ;   Liang, Jie

Tags Cell modelingModeling of gene/epigene regulatory networksAlgorithms and techniques for systems modeling

Effective tissue development and regeneration requires the finely balanced coordination of multiple different cell types, and each carries out...

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Spatiotemporal Programming of Microbial Populations Using Engineered Gene Circuits

Lu, Ting

Tags Multiscale modeling

Spatiotemporal organization of bacteria are of central importance to their physiology and functionality. Here we report simple but precise...

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