Clinical Effectiveness of EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface for Stroke Rehabilitation: Results from 3 Clinical Trials

Ang, Kai Keng ;   Guan, Cuntai ;   Chua, Karen Sui Geok ;   Chew, Effie ;   Phua, Kok Soon ;   Wang, Chuanchu ;   Zhang, Haihong ;   Chin, Zheng Yang ;   Kuah, Christopher Wee Keong

Tags Brain-computer/machine interfaceNeurological disorders - Stroke

The Fugl-Meyer Motor Assessment (FMMA) is a reliable measurement method to examine motor impairment and responsiveness to therapeutic...

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Combining Passive Stretching with Active Movement Therapy to Treat the Hand in Subacute Stroke

Fischer, Heidi ;   Thielbar, Kelly O. ;   Triandafilou, Kristen M. ;   Ochoa, Jose Mauricio ;   Kamper, Derek

Tags Wearable systems for neurorehabilitation - Reaching and graspingWearable systems for neurorehabilitation - BiofeedbackMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systems

Abstract- A longitudinal intervention study was undertaken in which an actuated hand orthosis was employed to provide passive stretching...

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Effects of Wide Pulse Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation on Hand Opening in Individuals with Moderate to Severe Stroke

Yao, Jun ;   MaagDenberg, Fleur ;   Lan, Yiyun ;   Sullivan, Jane ;   Dewald, Julius P. A.

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - Neuromuscular stimulationMotor learning, neural control, and neuromuscular systemsNeurological disorders - Stroke

Neuromuscular Electrical stimulation (NMES) has been used for post-stroke hand functional intervention for many years. However, it has not...

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Targeted Muscle Reinnervation and Pattern Recognition for Improved Prosthesis Control

Kuiken, Todd ;   Dumanian, Gregory ;   Hargrove, Levi

Tags Motor neuroprostheses - ProsthesesNeuromuscular systems - EMG processing and applicationsNeural signal processing

Targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) is a surgical technique in which nerves severed by arm amputation are transferred to target muscles....

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