A WBAN Based Cableless ECG Acquisition System

Pan, Rui ;   Chua, Dingjuan ;   Shankar, Jaya ;   Xu, Yong Ping

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsMobile and wearable technologies for elderlyBody sensor networks

A Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) based 3-lead cableless electrocardiography (ECG) acquisition system is described. To enable truly...

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Automatic Generation of Indoor Navigation Instructions for Blind Users Using a User-Centric Graph

Ganz, Aura ;   Dong, Hao

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsTechnology and services for assisted-living

The complexity and diversity of indoor environments brings significant challenges to automatic generation of navigation instructions for blind...

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Autonomous Mobile Platform for Enhanced Situational Awareness in Mass Casualty Incidents

Yang, Dongyi ;   Schafer, James ;   Wang, Sili ;   Ganz, Aura

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsEmerging IT for efficient/low-cost healthcare deliveryLow cost health delivery, public and environmental health, epidemiology

To enhance the efficiency of the search and rescue process of a Mass Casualty Incident, we introduce a low cost autonomous mobile platform....

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Energy-efficient Adaptive Modulation in Wireless Communication for Implanted Medical Devices

Qiu, Yinyue ;   Haley, David ;   Chen, Ying

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsBody sensor networks

In contrast to conventional wireless communication which takes place over the air, Radio Frequency (RF) communication through the human body...

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Measuring In-Home Walking Speed Using Wall-Mounted RF Transceiver Arrays

Jacobs, Peter G. ;   Wan, Eric ;   Schafermeyer, Erich ;   Adenwala, Fatema ;   Paul, Anindya S ;   Kaye, Jeffrey A. ;   Nicholas, Preiser

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsTelehealthSmart home technology

In this paper we present a new method for passively measuring walking speed using a small array of radio transceivers positioned on the walls...

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Smartphone-Based Evaluation of Parkinsonian Hand Tremor: Quantitative Measurements vs Clinical Assessment Scores

Kostikis, Nikolaos ;   Hristu-Varsakelis, Dimitrios ;   Arnaoutoglou, Marianthi ;   Kotsavasiloglou, Christos

Tags Wireless/ubiquitous technologies and systemsMobile healthMobile and wearable technologies for elderly

With an ever-growing number of technologically advanced methods for the diagnosis and quantification of movement disorders, comes the need...

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