Elastic Mesh Braided Worm Robot for Locomotive Endoscopy

Manwell, Thomas ;   Vitek, Tomas ;   Ranzani, Tommaso ;   Menciassi, Arianna ;   Althoefer, Kaspar ;   Liu, Hongbin

Tags Biologically inspired locomotionSurgical roboticsBiomimetic robotics

This paper presents a new design of worm robot whose body is constructed using a novel crimped elastic mesh braid inspired by the...

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Needle Geometry, Target Migration and Substrate Interactions in High Resolution

Oldfield, Matthew ;   Leibinger, Alexander ;   Kaufmann, Pia-Afra ;   Bertucchi, Marine ;   Beyrau, Frank ;   Rodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando

Tags Modeling in bioroboticsBiomimetic roboticsBiologically inspired locomotion

Recent investigations considering flexible, steerable needles for minimally invasive surgery have shown the significance of needle shape in...

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Pressure Distribution-Based Texture Sensing by Using a Simple Artificial Mastication System

Yamamoto, Takeshi ;   Higashimori, Mitsuru ;   Nakauma, Makoto ;   Nakao, Satomi ;   Ikegami, Akira ;   Sayaka, Ishihara

Tags Biomimetic roboticsModeling in bioroboticsNew technologies and methodologies in medical robotics and biomechanics

This paper proposes a novel texture sensing method for nursing-care gel by using an artificial mastication system, in which not only...

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Rate Dependency During Needle Insertions with a Biologically Inspired Steering System: An Experimental Study

Secoli, Riccardo ;   Rodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando

Tags Biomimetic roboticsSurgical roboticsModeling in biorobotics

Percutaneous intervention is a common Minimally Invasive (MI) surgical procedure for the treatment of various disorders. It generally involves...

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RICA: A Reliable and Image Configurable Arena for Cyborg Bumblebee Based on CAN Bus

Gong, Fan ;   Zheng, Nenggan ;   Xue, Lei ;   Xu, Kedi ;   Zheng, Xiaoxiang

Tags Biomimetic robotics

In this paper, we designed a reliable and image configurable flight arena, RICA, for developing cyborg bumblebees. To meet the spatial and...

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Theoretical Analysis of Magnetically Propelled Microrobots in the Cardiovascular System

Plötner, Peter ;   Harada, Kanako ;   Sugita, Naohiko ;   Mitsuishi, Mamoru

Tags Micro-and nano-bioroboticsBiologically inspired locomotionModeling in biorobotics

The field of medical microrobotics is rapidly progressing; however, it is particularly challenging to control microrobots inside blood vessels. In...

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