A Finite Element Model of Flatfoot (Pes Planus) for Improving Surgical Plan

Wang, Zhongkui ;   Imai, Kan ;   Kido, Masamitsu ;   Ikoma, Kazuya ;   Hirai, Shinichi

Tags Biomechanics modelingMedical decision making

Flatfoot is a foot condition caused by the collapse of the medial arch of the foot, and it can result in problems such as severe pain,...

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Coupling Effect on Thermal Comfort in a Typical Cubicle–based Office with Personalized Floor Diffuser Control

Shi, Zhongyuan ;   Dong, Tao

Tags Biomechanics modelingMultiscale modeling

A typical office layout with cubicles, in which occupants have their own control of the micro-environment by adjusting supply air flow rate of...

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Modeling Muscle's Nonlinear Viscoelastic Dynamics

Palladino, Joseph

Tags Biomechanics modelingPhysiological systemsModeling of biomolecular system dynamics

Muscle's contractile properties are complicated by its viscoelastic properties. Failure of early viscoelastic muscle models led to Hill's...

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Simulation of a Computational Winding Filament Model with an Exponential Spring to Represent Titin

LeMoyne, Robert ;   Nishikawa, Kiisa

Tags Biomechanics modelingPhysiological systemsParameter estimation

The goal of developing high fidelity simulation of muscle force is of considerable interest for the biomedical community. Traditionally Hill models...

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Supine to Upright Lung Mechanics: Do Changes in Lung Shape Influence Lung Tissue Deformation?

Chan, Ho-Fung ;   Tawhai, Merryn ;   Levin, David ;   Bartholmai, Brian ;   Clark, Alys

Tags Biomechanics modelingPhysiological systemsBiomedical data-driven modeling

In this study we analyze lung shape change between the upright and supine postures and the effect of this shape change on the deformation...

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Uncertainty Quantification of the Optimal Stimulation Area in an Electro-Stimulative Hip Revision System

Schmidt, Christian ;   Zimmermann, Ulf ;   van Rienen, Ursula

Tags Biomechanics modelingMedical device modeling

Electro-stimulative hip revision systems accelerate the bone growth around the implant and are capable of reducing the number of side...

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