Automated Face Extraction and Normalization of 3D Mesh Data

Wu, Jia ;   Tse, Raymond ;   Shapiro, Linda G.

Tags Image feature extractionImage segmentationImage classification

3D stereophotography is rapidly being adopted by medical researchers for analysis of facial forms and features. An essential step for many...

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Bodypart Localization for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Liu, Jason Jun Hing ;   Huang, Ming-Chun ;   Xu, Wenyao ;   Sarrafzadeh, Majid

Tags Image segmentationImage feature extractionImage visualization

Pressure ulcers, commonly called bedsores, are defined as injuries to the skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure usually...

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Detecting Human Falls with 3-Axis Accelerometer and Depth Sensor

Kepski, Michal ;   Kwolek, Bogdan

Tags Image feature extractionImage classification

Previous work demonstrated that Kinect sensor can be very useful for fall detection. In this work we present a novel approach to fall...

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Ensemble Learning for the Detection of Facial Dysmorphology

Zhao, Qian ;   Werghi, Naoufel ;   Okada, Kazunori ;   Rosenbaum, Kenneth ;   Summar, Marshall ;   Linguraru, Marius George

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionOptical imaging

Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition that presents characteristic facial morphology and texture patterns. The early...

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Quantification of Skull Deformity for Craniofacial Research

Lam, Irma ;   L. Cunningham, Michael ;   Birgfeld, Craig ;   Speltz, Matthew ;   Shapiro, Linda G.

Tags Image feature extraction

Craniosynostosis, a disorder in which one or more fibrous joints of the skull fuse prematurely, causes skull malformation and may be...

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Using the Kinect to Detect Potentially Harmful Hand Postures in Pianists

Li, Mengyuan ;   Savvidou, Paola ;   Willis, Bradley ;   Skubic, Marjorie

Tags Image classificationImage feature extractionImage segmentation

Pianists who practice hours per day may have a risk for developing playing-related musculoskeletal injuries if they do not play with proper...

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