A 65nm CMOS Low-Power MedRadio-Band Integer-N Cascaded Phase-Locked Loop for Implantable Medical Systems

Wang, YiXiao ;   Chen, Wei-Ming ;   Wu, Chung-Yu

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologiesPortable miniaturized systems

This paper presents a low-power MedRadio-band integer-N phase-locked Loop (PLL) system which is composed of two charge-pump PLLs cascade...

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A Simple Microbial Fuel Cell Model for Improvement of Biomedical Device Powering Times

Roxby, Daniel Ninio ;   Tran, Nham ;   Nguyen, Hung T.

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable technologies

This study describes a Matlab based Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) model for a suspended microbial population, in the anode chamber for the use of...

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Implanted Electronic Siren to Alarm for Bladder Full with Urine

Du, Wenlong ;   Li, Wenyuan ;   Wang, Zhigong ;   Lü, Xiaoying

Tags Prosthetic devicesImplantable sensors

A Device to detect for the bladder which is full with urine is designed. The device can measure bladder pressure. The pressure signals are...

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Miniaturizing RFID for Magnamosis

Jiang, Hao ;   Chen, Shi Jie ;   Kish, Shad ;   Loh, Lok Kee ;   Zhang, Jun Min ;   Kwiat, Dillon ;   Harrison, Michael ;   Roy, Shuvo ;   Zhang, Xiaorong

Tags Implantable systemsImplantable sensorsWireless sensors and systems

Anastomosis is a common surgical procedure using staples or sutures in an open or laparoscopic surgery. A more effective and much less...

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Physiological Constraints for an Intraocular Inductive Distance Sensor

Doornaert, Dries ;   Glorieux, Christ ;   Puers, Robert ;   De Gersem, Herbert ;   Spileers, Werner ;   Blanckaert, Johan

Tags Implantable sensorsImplantable systemsIntegrated sensor systems

In this paper the design restrictions of an inductive sensor for an intraocular lens with focus control on the basis of a marker implanted in...

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