ABrIL - Advanced Brain Imaging Lab.: A Cloud Based Computation Environment for Cooperative Neuroimaging Projects

Tafula, Sergio ;   Moreira da Silva, Nádia ;   Rozanski, Verena E. ;   Cunha, João Paulo Silva

Tags Neural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)Health technology management and assessmentSimulation, learning and training

Neuroscience is an increasingly multidisciplinary and highly cooperative field and neuroimaging is one of its most important areas which...

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Development of Automatic Manipulation Device for Acupuncture (AMDA)

Wu, Chao-Min ;   lin, Sheng-Kai ;   Chen, Yu-Sheng ;   Liu, Geng-Hao

Tags Muscle stimulationDesign and developmentSafety

Needle lifting and thrusting manipulation is one of common skills in acupuncture. However, there exists artificial error in frequency and...

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Efficacy of Cathodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Drug-Resistant Epilepsy: A Proof of Principle

Assenza, Giovanni ;   Campana, Chiara ;   Formica, Domenico ;   Schena, Emiliano ;   Taffoni, Fabrizio ;   Fiore, Silia ;   Di Pino, Giovanni ;   Di Lazzaro, Vincenzo

Tags Neural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)Clinical testing/clinical trialsClinical Engineering

It has been proved that Transcranial DCS (tDCS) can modulate cortical excitability, enhancing or decreasing, respectively by anodal or...

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Influence of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Parameters on Chronotropism and Inotropism in Heart Failure

Rousselet, Laure ;   Le Rolle, Virginie ;   Ojeda, David ;   Guiraud, David ;   Hagège, Albert ;   Bel, Alain ;   Bonnet, Jean-Luc ;   Mabo, Philippe ;   Carrault, Guy ;   Hernández, Alfredo I

Tags Neural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) has been shown to be useful in heart failure patients, including antiarrhythmic effects, improvement of cardiac...

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Optimization of Multiple Coils Immersed in a Conducting Liquid for Half-Hemisphere or Whole-Brain Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Simulation Study

Sousa, Sónia C.P. ;   Almeida, Jorge ;   Miranda, Pedro ;   Salvador, Ricardo ;   João Silvestre, João Silvestre ;   Simões, Hugo ;   Crespo, Paulo

Tags Neural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)InnovationDesign and development

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) was proposed in 1985. Nevertheless, its wider use in the treatment of several neurologic diseases has...

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Target Coverage and Selectivity in Field Steering Brain Stimulation

Cubo, Ruben ;   Medvedev, Alexander ;   Åström, Mattias

Tags Neural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)Simulation, learning and trainingDesign and development

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is an established treatment in Parkinson's Disease. The target area is defined based on the state and brain...

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The Effect of Profound Dehydration on Electrical Impedance of Mouse Skeletal Muscle

Li, Jia ;   Sanchez, Benjamin ;   Rutkove, Seward

Tags Muscle stimulation

To determine if electrical impedance myography (EIM) technique can still be used safely to monitor muscle in cases of severe dehydration, we...

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