A PC-Based Laparoscopic Surgery Skills Training and Assessment System

Lin, Yuan-Hsiang ;   Luo, Yuan Long ;   Lee, Chia-Cheng ;   Yang, Shih-Fan ;   Yu Dah-Shyong, Dasen

Tags Simulation, learning and trainingDesign and development

The purpose of this study is to build a cost-effective and easy-to-popularize laparoscopic training system based on improving traditional...

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Artificial Muscles for a Novel Simulator in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Hollensteiner, Marianne ;   Fuerst, David ;   Schrempf, Andreas

Tags Novel approaches to BME educationInstruction and learningTeaching design

Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are commonly used minimally invasive methods to treat vertebral compression fractures. Novice surgeons gather...

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Augmented Reality System for Freehand Guide of Magnetic Endovascular Devices

Parrini, Simone ;   Cutolo, Fabrizio ;   Freschi, Cinzia ;   Ferrari, Mauro ;   Ferrari, Vincenzo

Tags Design and developmentInnovation

Magnetic guide of endovascular devices or magnetized therapeutic microparticles to the specific target in the arterial tree is increasingly...

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BRAIN Initiative: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Automation and Calibration

Todd, Garth ;   Abdellatif, Ahmed ;   Sabouni, Abas

Tags Simulation, learning and trainingNeural stimulation (incl deep brain stimulation)Verification and validation

In this paper, we introduced an automated TMS system with robot control and optical sensor combined with neuronavigation software. By using...

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Simulation-Based Optimization of a Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Subcutaneous Fat Thickness Measuring Device

Morhard, Robert ;   Jeffery, Heather ;   McEwan, Alistair

Tags Simulation, learning and trainingFNIR and near-infrared scanning and assessmentDesign and development

Using Monte Carlo simulations we optimized the wavelength and source-detector distance (SDD) of a reflectance based spectroscopic device...

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Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Surface Extraction of Lower Limbs As Visualization Methodologies of Ecchymosis

Thomaz, Ricardo de Lima ;   Patrocinio, Ana Claudia ;   Soares, Alcimar

Tags Design and developmentClinical laboratory, assay and pathology technologiesClinical testing/clinical trials

This paper presents a computational system for three-dimensional reconstruction and surface extraction of the human lower limb as a new...

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