A 3D Virtual Reality Simulator for Training in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Mi, Shao-hua ;   Hou, Zeng-Guang ;   Yang, Fan ;   Xie, Xiao-Liang ;   Bian, Gui-Bin

Tags Computer-assisted surgeryHaptic interfaces

For the last decade, remarkable progress has been made in the field of cardiovascular disease treatment. However, these complex medical...

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Contactless Operating Table Control Based on 3D Image Processing

Schröder, Stephan ;   Loftfield, Nina ;   Langmann, Benjamin ;   Frank, Klaus ;   Reithmeier, Eduard

Tags Human machine interfaces and robotics applicationsComputer-assisted surgery

Interaction with mobile consumer devices leads to a higher acceptance and affinity of persons to natural user interfaces and perceptional...

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Design and Development of Miniature Parallel Robot for Eye Surgery

Sakai, Tomoya ;   Harada, Kanako ;   Tanaka, Shinichi ;   Ueta, Takashi ;   Noda, Yasuo ;   Sugita, Naohiko ;   Mitsuishi, Mamoru

Tags Surgical robotics

A five degree-of-freedom (DOF) miniature parallel robot has been developed to precisely and safely remove the thin internal limiting membrane...

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Development of a Coordinated Controller for Robot-Assisted Shape Memory Alloy Actuated Needle for Prostate Brachytherapy

Maria Joseph, Felix Orlando ;   Franz, Karly ;   Luan, Yaxin ;   Zhao, Yan-Jiang ;   Datla, Naresh V. ;   Hutapea, Parsaoran ;   Dicker, Adam ;   Yu, Yan ;   Podder, Tarun

Tags Planning and execution in surgical roboticsClinical robotsSurgical robotics

This paper deals with the development of a coordinated control system for a robot and robot-driven shape memory alloy (SMA) actuated...

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Development of a Small Sucker Manipulator for Underwater Surgery Support

Tsuchiya, Nobuto ;   Sekine, Masashi ;   Kita, Kahori ;   Yu, Wenwei

Tags Surgical roboticsRemote surgery systems / telesurgery

WaFLES (Water-Filled LaparoEndoscopic Surgery) is an operative method suggested by Igarashi et al., which has several advantages, such as,...

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Effect of the Thickness and Nonlinear Elasticity of Tissue on the Success of Surgical Stapling for Laparoscopic Liver Resection

Tsukune, Mariko ;   Kobayashi, Yo ;   Otsuka, Yuichiro ;   Maeda, Testuya ;   Yamazaki, Nozomu ;   Watanabe, Hiroki ;   Ando, Takeshi ;   Kaneko, Hironori ;   Fujie, Masakatsu G.

Tags Computer-assisted surgerySurgical robotics

Recently, the range of applications of surgical staplers has been extended to include laparoscopic liver resection because manipulation of a...

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Hands-Free Interface for Surgical Procedures Based on Foot Movement Patterns

Kawai, Toshikazu ;   Fukunishi, Masahiro ;   Nishikawa, Atsushi ;   Nishizawa, Yuji ;   Nakamura, Tatsuo

Tags Computer-assisted surgerySurgical roboticsApplied tissue and organ models and motion analysis

A hands-free interface has been developed to allow a single surgeon to control a locally operated forceps manipulating robot. It is based on...

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Modeling and Control of Tissue Compression and Temperature for Automation in Robot-Assisted Surgery

Sinha, Utkarsh ;   Li, Baichun ;   Sankaranarayanan, Ganesh

Tags Surgical roboticsComputer-assisted surgery

Robotic surgery is being used widely due to its various benefits that includes reduced patient trauma and increased dexterity and ergonomics...

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Path Planning for Robot-Assisted Active Flexible Needle Using Improved Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees

Zhao, Yan-Jiang ;   Maria Joseph, Felix Orlando ;   Yan, Kaiguo ;   Datla, Naresh V. ;   Zhang , Yong-De ;   Podder, Tarun ;   Hutapea, Parsaoran ;   Dicker, Adam ;   Yu, Yan

Tags Surgical roboticsComputer-assisted surgeryPlanning and execution in surgical robotics

In robot-assisted needle-based medical procedures, path planning for a flexible needle is challenging with regard to time consumption and...

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Scaled Position-Force Tracking for Wireless Teleoperation of Miniaturized Surgical Robotic System

Guo, Jing ;   Liu, Chao ;   Poignet, Philippe

Tags Remote surgery systems / telesurgerySurgical robotics

Miniaturized surgical robotic system presents promising trend for reducing invasiveness during operation. However, cables used for power and...

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System Characterization of a Novel Haptic Interface for Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery Simulation

Dargar, Saurabh ;   Sankaranarayanan, Ganesh ;   De, Suvranu

Tags Haptic interfacesHaptics in robotic surgery

Natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) is a minimally invasive procedure, which utilizes the body's natural orifices to gain...

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